The Mercenary Heart of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Charity

The latest story coming out of the Clinton Cash furor doesn’t involve the serious charges of a conflict of interest that have been revealed by follow-up investigations since the publication of Peter Schweizer’s book. Unlike those shocking instances in which donors to the Clinton Foundation sought and may well have received favors from the Hillary Clinton State Department, today’s New York Times feature about the ex-president’s appearance at a far smaller charity’s fundraising dinner doesn’t involve government action. But it does tell us not only about Bill Clinton’s mercenary approach to philanthropy but the way the former First Family’s slush fund disguised as a charity has profiteered at the expense of actual charities. There is no “smoking gun” of corruption here. But what it does provide us with is insight into their character and the raging hypocrisy at the core of everything they do.

  • mauser 98

    Clinton fingers in every pocket

    “connections of FIFA and Qatar 2022: the Clinton Foundation”

  • just a thought

    The Clinton motto? “The Corruption Starts Here.”

  • lgeubank

    “Charity begins at home.” And for the Clintons — corrupt, money-grubbing social-climbers — it ends there, too.

  • just a thought

    Here’s an interesting concept, have a news blackout on the Clintons until AFTER she’s got the nomination.
    Of course, if she did, the MSM would keep it in place until after she won. But all other things being equal, which they aren’t, it could work.

  • mauser 98

    will ClintonNewsNetwork report this?

  • Justin St.Denis

    In my head, I constantly seem to write heavy metal rock choruses to interesting instrumental bits of songs I hear on the radio. A great guitar riff is all it takes to get me going. Anyhoo….recently, I have an earworm chorus running through my head which I would gladly give to any metal band willing to write and record an anti-Hillary song, and the lyrics go like this –

    You’re a liar Iiar
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    Pile ’em higher
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    Down the wire
    Nuthin’ but a thieving liar!

  • No Clinton, No Bush 2016!

  • mauser 98

    ..will nothing stick to the Clintons?

    “a former American President has visited an island of a convicted pedophile to allegedly sleep with underage girls”

    Read more:

  • tom_billesley

    The Blair Witch project
    Tony Blair demanded £330,000 fee to address world hunger conference (for 20 minutes)
    Former PM was approached to address the ‘Eat’ conference in Sweden
    The conference was willing to make a donation to Mr Blair’s wife’s charity
    Eat said said deal collapsed because ‘the fee they wanted was quite high’
    Mr Blair says he was never due to attend because of ‘prior commitments’