Libya suicide attack claimed by ISIL kills five militia

Libya Dawn (largely Muslim Brotherhood) fighters fire an artillery cannon at ISIL militants near Sirte March 19, 2015. Reuters Photo

A pre-dawn suicide attack in northwest Libya May 31 claimed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) killed five members of the Fajr Libya militia alliance that controls the capital, a militia spokesman said.

“A car suicide bomber blew himself up near a checkpoint at an entrance of Dafniya,” between the town of Zliten and Libya’s third city Misrata, said the Fajr Libya spokesman.

The attack, which occurred at 3:00 am (0500 GMT), killed five members of the militia alliance and wounded seven others, he added.

The LANA news agency of the militia-backed Tripoli administration, gave a similar account of the attack, and also reporting that five were dead…

  • canminuteman

    Anyone out there recognize that model of gun? I don’t think it’s western because they are using metal cased ammo, Western 155mm guns use bagged propellant. It’s maybe a newer model of Russian 152?

    • Frau Katze

      Can’t help you there. I know zero on the subject.

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