Evening photos: Wyoming, Utah, Arizona

Grand Tetons reflections. This set of photos is by Martin Bredel. See his entire set of photos on Flickr.

Monument-Valley-cloudy-skyMonument Valley, Arizona/Utah by Martin Bredel.

Professor-valley-UtahProfessor Valley, Utah by Martin Bredel.

Grand-tetons-semi-sunnyGrand Tetons, Wyoming by Martin Bredel

On-the-roadOn the road by Martin Bredel (exact location not given)

Moran-Wyoming-interesting-cloudsMoran, Wyoming by Martin Bredel

Bison-and-CloudsBison near Moran, Wyoming by Martin Bredel

  • eMan14

    Monument Valley is great.

  • bob e

    lovely pictures, .. thank you.
    however, if you can ..
    tonite give me .. a snow bound night-time city side-walk
    where we snuggle & make our way ..
    or mebbe’ a lane swollen
    with autumn leaves rustling underfoot.
    places to walk with a someone heavy on my heart ..
    i don’t know, but i must make time ..

    • Frau Katze

      I’ll look for those. I did have some of New York City in the snow about a week ago.