Khomeini Love-In Counter Protest

An excellent turnout this evening by the members of the Iranian community. Despite a steady downpour several hundred souls turned out to protest the disgusting Khomeini Love-In that was taking place at Zafar Bangash’s house of evil.

Some excellent signage as always my fave being the one up top.

All in all a successful event. The Khomeinists stayed indoors with only a couple of venturing near the street. Consequently no violence occurred, at least during the period that K and I were there.



  • ontario john

    I’m sure the CBC will be covering the demonstration. Oh wait, it has nothing to do with Omar Khadr.

  • Gary

    There should have been one of the hanging posts with a RAINBOW rope to show gays what waits for them if these savages bring irans’ barbarism shaira to Canada as Sheema Khan tried for the Saudi Sunni whahhabi’s.
    Then another one with PINK rope for NAC and the NDP to see what happens to women in iran if they insult allah or are also a lesbian .

    • That would have been good. They were very well organized.

  • canuckistan666

    These Khomeinists will be out again at Al Quds (annual destroy Israel day) at Queen’s Park in July. 5,000 of them. Family fun to be had by all.

  • Khomeini was a mix of Mao, Hitler and Obama altogether.