Unsealed memos show Chretien’s Liberals were no friends of the CBC

Liberals who love to bash the Harper Conservatives for not giving CBC more money won’t like some documents that have been made public after 20 years.

  • kkruger71

    Might be true of the Chretien years, but I have little doubt that Trudeau would increase their funding, with a special emphasis of French and other non-English programming.
    Though they were biased back then, it is nothing compared to the level of cheer-leading they do now.

  • Glenfilthie

    Hmmmmmm. I became a declared enemy combatant when Cretin and the CBC declared the culture war on Canada. I swear those fart suckers were lighting each others’ cigars under the table – for Cretin NOT to be blowing the CBC just goes against his grain. He was hopelessly corrupt, as were/are the scum at the CBC. They were natural business partners.
    The liberals got kicked to the curb with the garbage and by Godfrey the CBC needs the same treatment. The CBC is now so bad that not even the liberal morons are watching it and they have the ratings to prove it.