Swedish pensioners evicted so as to make room for asylum seekers

400 pensioners in Munkedal are being thrown out from “the Peoples House” after a so-called asylum baron decided to buy it and convert it to a home for new Swedes from the third world.

Local Social-Democratic politician Åsa Karlsson looks forward to the new citizens. “It’s an income for the municipality to get new citizens” – she says.

The Peoples House in Munkedal has for years been a meeting spot for pensioners and several hundred engage in the associations and activities but now its time for them to pack their bags and move out so that an asylum baron can profit (at the taxpayers expense) by housing the new Swedes…

….For confused readers that was a pretty standard response from a Swedish politician. Pointing out that immigrants from the third world are overrepresented in welfare-dependency and crime is considered tabu and “racist”…

h/t pislamoausea Central