Stinking rich third-world hellhole problems

“During Ramadan, one tends to pray and socialize more than other months. It is almost impossible for a housewife to spend the day cleaning, cooking, praying, reading the Holy Qur’an after breaking fast, socializing and then watching some television programs. It’s kind of mission impossible,” she said.
She said her Indonesian maid left 10 months ago and that this would be her first Ramadan without a domestic help.

The abolition of outright chattel slavery has been a terrible burden for these exploited people.

(Ramadan as practiced by well-off Arabs always reminds me of the famous line about how expensive it was to keep Gandhi in poverty. I’m not what you’d call religious, but I’m quite sure you’re not actually supposed to gain weight during a fast.)

  • Slavery was never abolished in Islam.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I used to work with people who would fast until the sun went down.
    It was delicious watching them ogle my steak sandwich in the staff room after we had finished dinner service at eight thirty.
    In Canada, the sun sets at nine forty five in June on the fiftieth parallel.

  • PeterR

    Neither of the links mentioned what seems to me something that must be a weight gain risk factor for all muslims who practice Rama-ding-dong fasting. Simply the fasting itself, especially if followed by a degree of heavy eating (which is hard to avoid since they feel so hungry) causes the body to go into calorie-hording,starvation mode, “thinking” that resources are scarce. So the metabolic rate is reduced and people are prone to weight gain.
    Hmm, maybe Mo knew what he was doing (assuming Ramadan fasting was his idea – i don’t know the history of it): Make all muslim women fat and unattractive and the males will be much more up for kidnapping and raping (slimmer) non-muslim women. Aloha Snackbar!

  • Gary

    Ramadan is a bitch because it forces muslims to be kind 1/12 th of the year which is a wasted month with no quranic jew-hating verses to read to little Jihad-jane and Bomber-Bobby .
    The rest of the World’s 6 billion people strive to be kind everyday as 99.999999% are good people that pay taxes and raise their children just as Imam Ben Affleck says for the 1.2 billion muslims.

  • Frau Katze

    We need a meme for this. As for “First World Problems”.

    I’ll see if I can find a pic. Whiny rich Muslim woman. Someone think up the words. It might hard to find such a pic, though. You don’t know a poor woman.