Smash Isis now – or we’ll all pay later

For months, the White House has been saying that it has Isis on the run. Yet each week the world sees that Isis is only running forwards. Last week, the US state department briefed that Isis was ‘a significant threat to all of our partners in the region’ and ‘a significant threat to the [US] homeland. We’ve never seen something like this. This is a formidable, enormous threat.’

Which is fine as an observation. But governments aren’t only in a position to make observations. They — and the US government in particular — should be able to answer the question: ‘What are you going to do about it?’ The current administration is doing everything it can to downplay expectations on that front. One US state department official recently said: ‘In terms of timing, we’re eight months into what was always a three-year campaign, and it’s three years to degrade.’

Not three years to defeat Isis. Not even three years to send a majority of Isis’s recruits to what they believe is the great whorehouse in the sky.

But three years just to get to the ‘end of the beginning’ phase.


You can’t smash ISIS without smashing Islam’s terror states.

All of them.

When and if ISIS is history another threat will rise to take its place, and make no mistake it will be financed and supported by our alleged Islamic partners.

There are no allies of the west among Muslim nations.

Until that blunt fact is recognized nothing will be accomplished.

In the mean time I just wish our government would stop pretending that Saudi Arabia, perhaps the biggest exporter and financier of Muslim terrorists in the world, is a worthy ally.

Cut the Crap Stevie.