Say What? Canada, Pakistan agree to boost defence co-op

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan and Canada on Friday agreed to further deepen bilateral defence cooperation.

This understanding reached at a meeting between newly appointed High Commissioner of Canada to Pakistan Heather Cruden and Secretary of Defence Lt Gen (Retd) Muhammad Alam Khattak at the Ministry of Defence.

The High Commissioner of Canada called on Secretary of Defence to be appraised of the ongoing level of military cooperation between Pakistan and Canada.

  • k1992

    Why does Canada have anything at all to do with this barbaric, terror-supporting, islamic hellhole of a nation?

    • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

      Harper doesnt care , he is trying to get the votes from MUSLIMS here in the upcoming election.

    • I have no idea.

    • barryjr

      Because Harper is a retard who couldn’t find his butt with a map and both hands. Harper doesn’t care what we want when he wants votes. I’ve voted PC,Reform or Conservative every federal election since 1979 but that’s about to change if we have this moron in charge of the Conservatives come Oct. 19

      • mauser 98

        or Trust Fund Pony or 15$ a day childcare Mucliar……….??

        • Canadian

          There`s the problem…

          • mauser 98

            Stevie is better than Chretien (wow)
            others are far worse…sorry fact of life

  • ontario john

    We must make sure they are properly trained when they come over to kill us.

  • Alain

    Defence cooperation with any Muslim country is an oxymoron. And defence cooperation is only sensible with friendly non Muslim countries with a track record to back it up.

    • Frau Katze

      Very true. Our pols are crazy…all of them, every party.

  • simus1

    Heather Cruden, formerly High Comm (ambassador) to Bangladesh is now ambassador to Dumpsterstan.

    Wow! Two rotten postings in a row.

  • eMan14

    Our military cooperating with a terrorist sympathetic Islamic military. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Don’t you idiots get it!?

    (if you think this post needs a sarc tag… I can’t help you)

    • mauser 98

      and they sell nukes to Saudi’s

  • eMan14

    Also… don’t like this…
    “During the meeting, other issues like finalization of pending MoU on Military Training and Cooperation and relaxing clauses for grant of visas was discussed.”
    Relaxing visa’s is not a good idea. I can see why Pakistan would like it. What do we get out of this?

    • canminuteman

      I remember hearing a story years ago about how we used to train army officers from small third world countries at the Combat Training Center in Gagetown. I know that part is true because I met them there when I was a student in the mid 80’s. ( I can’t remember where they were from, probably Sierra Leone, or Ghana). Anyway, I understand we stopped doing it when one of them went home, staged a coupe and overthrew the government. Maybe the government is being really smart here (unlikely) and trying to do the same thing here.

    • Frau Katze

      They’ll turning up asking for refugee status. Remember those Afghan guys the U.S. was “training”? They disappeared and showed up at the Canadian border. One got in (he had a relative).

    • Canadian

      We get more muzzies.

      • eMan14


  • Brett_McS

    There is a term for ‘cooperation’ with an Islamic country: Jizya.

  • Everyone Else

    Simply to offer a contrary point of view.

    Maybe we should have some type of formal cooperation even with Islamist countries. We sure as hell don’t have any military secrets they can’t get, so what have we got to lose. Maybe it’s possible Islamic insanity will burn itself out in this information age, and then Canada should be offering an olive branch. This also opens a line of communications for disaffected Pakistanis who may want to fight their government on the QT. As long as Canada cleared this with India it may be smart diplomacy.

    (Don’t jump on my head. This is purely to offer an alternate viewpoint.)

  • Canadian

    I feel a lot safer knowing that pakistan will defend my country!

  • Minicapt

    The Canadian Forces have maintained defence co-operation agreements with Pakistan since the 60s, which includes Canadian attending or instructing at the Pakistani Defence Colleges such as Quetta.