Saudia Arabia needs oil refinery engineers and techs: What to do? Hiring spree in South Korea

Ulsan, a city in the southeastern area of South Korea, is home to a lot of refinery infrastructure. Source.

Saudi Arabia’s state oil firm is on a hiring spree in South Korea, as the world’s top crude exporter seeks engineers to run plants in its soaring refining sector – setting it on course to compete with some Asian countries that are big oil buyers.

Technicians from South Korea are an obvious target given parts of its refining sector are struggling and the two countries also have long-established business ties across a range of areas including refining.

But Asia has established itself as the world’s biggest refining region and so Saudi moves to become a major refiner are set to increase competition with countries such as India that also refine Saudi crude to supply Europe.

Having little prior experience in refining, state oil firm Saudi Aramco is trying to lure experienced engineers and technicians from South Korea with generous expatriate packages…

Training their own is apparently not a possibility.

  • DMB

    More slave labour for Saudi Arabia since they have virtually no labour laws.

    • Frau Katze

      I thought they needed to employ their own citizens.

      • Martin B

        Not even the Soddys want Soddys running their refineries.

        South Koreans should beware. More business ties with Soddys means more opportunities for them to spread their Wahhabi poison. Multimillion dollar mosques in Seoul staffed by spittle-flecked imported imams, etc.

  • mauser 98

    hire ISIS dudes.. according to news reports they can find oil,drill for oil, refine, ship, collect debts, bank , pay bills , fly & maintain jets and tanks, run undefeatable armies.
    ..and their machine guns never run out of ammo!!,,,all for free!
    ..Alberta NDP where are you?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It’s ingrained in the Saudi culture to hire foreigners to do its dirty work.

    • mauser 98

      majority of foreign workers from Pakistan.. Saudi’s despise them , are as slaves