Oh Canada… Muslim church hate crime vandal who wanted to kill a priest is free on bail

A Mississauga Catholic church was vandalized three times. When the Muslim perpetrator was finally caught, he admitted that he’d wanted to do more, including killing a priest.

Welcome to Dhimmi Canada.

Even if the police wish to pursue a hate crime charge Ontario’s attorney general would not sign off on it.

Kathleen Wynne like all our political class whether Conservative, Liberal or NDP, care not a whit about your safety, Muslim votes and fear of their own monster guide them.

Kathleen Wynne needs to appease the Muslim community over their negative response to her pedophile child sex grooming curriculum, hence no hate crime charge.

There is precedence for this, Salman Hossain, who called for the murder of Canadian soldiers, was not initially charged with a hate crime as the then Ontario Attorney General was satisfied he would rehabilitate himself. Salman was back at it demonstrating Islam shortly after being given his free pass. In round two the Attorney General took such a long time to finally sign off on a hate crime charge after an inexplicably long “police investigation” that Salman was able to leave the country at his leisure.

How convenient. No Salman, no trial, no offending the Muslim community.

The constant threat of Muslim violence, the erosion of our values and civilization, not to mention the huge and ever growing monetary cost, is the price we have to pay for the worst policy decision ever made by our political class – mass Muslim immigration.