Is gay marriage just a fad?

“The obsession with gay rights and identity, and especially with homosexual marriage, seems to be characteristic of societies with low birth rates and declining global importance. Rising societies with growing populations see marriage as the key to the future of humanity, so they think it must be between a man and a woman. Only when countries like India, Nigeria or Egypt introduce same-sex marriage will I retract the above.”

  • David

    No, it’s a stop on the way to no holds barred sex with anyone, anything, any age anywhere. Read up on the frankfurt school.

  • Kat

    Wow. Serious food for thought.

  • Solo712

    I wish I could believe it’s a fad. But the problem is that the Left has always hated the natural kinship and family, and tried to undermine it in many ways before. Think of the Fourierist communal marriages in the US of 1840’s. Inspired by Charles Fourier (the French thinker who invented the word ‘feminisme’), Friedrich Engels famously wrote that family is a social construct based on men’s right to own women. The early Soviets have made marriage and divorce a formality. The result ? Millions of abandoned kids (bezpryzornyie) roaming the streets of the cities – one of the great problems of the early Soviet state, The truth is that natural family and the loyalties it generates are a great obstacle to bold social experiments. So the idea of gay marriage I read as simply the latest attempt to annihilate biological kinship in favour of an ideological one. Good luck with that !

    • Millie_Woods

      “The truth is that natural family and the loyalties it generates are a great obstacle to bold social experiments.”

      Well said

  • Millie_Woods

    I remember when gay rights got going in the ’60’s. That’s 50 or so years ago and it’s only gotten worse. First they just wanted not to get beaten up, fired from their jobs or evicted from their homes (all reasonable requests). Then they came for the schools, bakeries, flower shops and churches. Next it was marriage and child adoption. Now open homosexuality is even accepted in the military. Some fad.

  • Martin B

    The Supreme Court declared gay marriage legal in all of Canada in 2005, and it was legal in most provinces before that (Ontario & BC 2003, Quebec 2004…). Even just 2% of the total population of Canada adds up to 700,000 people, and in light of that, the number of actual gay marriages in Canada is piddling:

    No, faggots are not rushing to the altar as soon as they get the chance, which leads to the conclusion that they didn’t push so hard for gay marriage because they actually wanted to get married.

    • This entire farce was pushed by a tiny radical minority within a minority.

  • Tom Forsythe

    I have thought all along it was a fad. Gays are cool right now, but they will go the way of swing music.