Canary Mission Website Gives Hard Left a Taste of Its Own Medicine

There’s a website called “Canary Mission.” I don’t know who’s behind it. Nor, it seems, does anyone else. But I think it’s a great exercise in turning the tables on anti-Israel activists who have been ‘shaming’ people online for years.

Canary Mission says its aim is to “expose individuals and groups that are anti-Freedom, anti-American and anti-Semitic in order to protect the public and our democratic values.”

It seeks to do this by maintaining an online database, complete with pictures, biographies, Facebook posts, videos, and quotes from anti-Israel activists who are seemingly apoplectic that their public behaviour has become, well, even more public than it was before.

And while I’m kind of sad that political activism in both the United States and the United Kingdom has sunk to this level, it isn’t new, and thusly there shouldn’t be the outcry over it that there has been online.

The hard-left, combined with anti-Israel specialists, have been doing this to people of a pro-Israel, or right-wing persuasion for years now. I should know – they’ve done it to me.

From the shady Powerbase website, linked to the vile SpinWatch group, the left has habitually sought to ‘out’ and ‘shame’ those who don’t share its opinions, especially those who don’t share them vocally…

A Turkish English-language site is already whining about Islamophobia. Mind you, their article rants about more than just Canary Mission: it carries on about Pam Geller, Mohammed cartoons, Charlie Hebdo and so on.

  • Zaba


    And this:

    Internet activists name and shame corporations sponsoring the 2022 FIFA World Cup hosted by cruel and barbaric Qatar

  • Alain

    Great idea, because you have to fight fire with fire.

  • LauraS

    Love this!

  • barryjr

    Awesome now I have a place to check when somebody is mentioned.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The keeping of lists has begun!
    A good start.

    • Frau Katze

      We need to know who are enemies are.

      Diversity is NOT our strength. It will destroy us in the end. (Not necessarily in my lifetime, but perhaps my grandkids will see it.)

      Fortunately there are few Muslims on the West Coast. Sure, some are coming, but the house prices will keep out a lot of trash.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Turnabout is fair play.

  • Exile1981

    I noticed the lefties have given it thousands of negative trust ratings on WOT.

  • Gary

    I had a run in with the Bank Of Montreal that had a new Policy in 2009 that forced employees to morally and financially support their Corporate image Charity that would mete out money to their pet causes.
    Seems that they had a Children’s Cause and Gay Cause , but I pointed out that while they endorse the PRIDE parade and had employees march in it with BMO logos splashed around, I pointed out to their Law Firm that PRIDE had 2 pro-hamas groups which meant they endorsed hamas’s sharia Law that condones child-bride pedophilia and the brutal murdering of gays in Gaza.
    PRIDE also had the naked TNT quais-pedophile males with frontal nudity while knowing children were around and that the Gay cops on duty refused to enforce the Federal Laws that protect children.

    The Bank Of Montreal made a free will choice to make me out to be a kook and malcontent, so I cut off all my ties with them and wrote a Letter to their Lawyers that I was denying BMO the Right to be pro child-abuse or endorse murdering gays in Gaza by-proxy for not condemning the QuAIA group , I just wasn’t going to be complicit in it by doing business with them while knowing what they stood for.
    If the CEO of Mozilla lost his job because of the homofascists that hounded him because he agreed with Obama in 2009 on Traditional marriage , i didn’t want to be hounded retro-actively when gays wake-up and smell the Nooses in Gaza and iran ion about 10 years and go after BMO and TD plus anyone linked to the PRIDE parade pro-hamas support over the 6 years period from 2008.
    We can only hope that Wynne’s Liberals crack down on pedophiles and she enforces the Federal laws inside Ontario that protect children even when they are homosexual pedophiles or closet pedophiles that sneak into the PRIDE parade to get their jollies.

    It’s time to shame all the PRIDE sponsors that have been silent over the jew-hating pro-hamas groups allowed to march in it , also shame the Rainbow groups that refuse to condemn the PRIDE child-abuse by perv’s enjoying exposing them self around children.

  • Ana Clara