About these Mohammed cartoon contests…

Today a protest called “Freedom of Speech Rally Round II” is being held in Phoenix, Arizona, as I write this post. The protest is taking place in front of the Islamic Community Center. This is where two jihadists worshiped before they were killed by police on May 3, 2015, as they attacked the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest 2015, in Garland, Texas. Too many people refuse to understand what’s happening here. Mohammed cartoons aren’t the problem.

A civil society cannot allow a small group of people to murder those who create offensive art. Our government has done a horrible job of trying to keep the peace between Muslims and non-Muslims.

As a result, citizens are taking matters into their own hands.

The protestors in Phoenix are armed. They’re wise to bring weapons.

h/t Surele Surele

  • Martin B

    …an Islamic State supporter wrote, “How many times do you stupid kuffar need to be told that if you draw these cartoons, we’ll kill you?”

    We know for sure that our media & politicians only need to be told once.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Because they don’t listen.

    • Gary

      It’s actually pretty pathetic that the Politicians and the Media presuppose that muslims and islam is so prone to riots and killing people that it didn’t take even an hour for them to Blame Pam Geller for provoking these muslim jihadist savages at Garland Texas that removed for the Earth to keep us safe.

      Violence and terrorism works on Liberals , look at the 1993 Yonge street riot where Dudley laws fired up a mob of carribean Blat utes after the Rodney King case where these utes were told about the oppression and racism in Canada from 400 years of slavery.
      So they attacked brown people and looted Immigrant businesses as Blacks did over the Michael brown case .
      The Canada census showed that only 10% of the Blacks in Canada were here before 1970 , yet Dudley laws believed that there was no racism in canada to natives so it had to be new and only to black carribeans.
      Since then, unqualified minorities were parachuted into fake jobs to appease the rioters which was more of the True bigotry by Liberals that have the soft-racism of lowered expectations.
      It’s kinda sad the the Toronto Police Chief wasn’t an Aboriginal or related to the Blacks that fled US slavery as a North American Black , no sir , Muslims and gays are the new flavour of the month while Natives see how the oppressors have gotten darker but still just a racist .
      Currently at the Human Rights Commission, Hijabs and Rainbows trump Aboriginal.

    • occupant 9

      In a sane world this would be the flashpoint of an immediate cessation of Muslim immigration and the fast-tracking its reversal.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    You can’t spell crisis without ISIS.
    It’s heartening that nothing happened to the protesters and that the authorities made the decision to sit out this dance.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Nothing happened because it wasn’t a gun free zone.

  • The__Hammer

    I wish they could have waited a week. I am travelling to Phoenix Tuesday.

  • Frau Katze

    Where did you find the picture? On Twitter?

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    How many protesters are , maybe 50 ,60 ? the Muslims in Arizona are 120,000 of them,they need to wear bullet vest.

  • bob e

    before long , these protesters will be treated like the english defence league.
    what an effin’ joke .. there are more edl people in jail .. right now ..than
    paedo-paki gang raping child groomers .. i kid you not ..