Turkish border officials ‘allowing Syrian asylum seekers invaders to holiday ferries into Greece’

Migrants Invaders rest on the steps of a closed shop, due to the recession, in central Athens, Greece

Turkish border officials are allowing huge numbers of Syrian asylum seekers invaders to cross into Europe on holiday ferries serving the Greek islands, a Telegraph investigation has found.

Residents of Greece’s eastern Aegean islands say ferries carrying hundreds of Syrian migrants invaders at a time are making the short hop from Turkey’s coast, with Turkish officials making no attempt to stop them boarding.

In what appears to be yet another gap in Europe’s border controls, the migrants invaders have no need to risk their lives in rickety people-smuggling boats or pay exorbitant fees to smuggling gangs.

Instead, for a few Turkish lira, they can simply board regular passenger services at ports on Turkey’s south-west coast, taking them on to holiday islands such as Lesbos where local authorities have little choice but to accommodate them.

Andreas Karasarinidis, a Greek student from Athens who recently journeyed from Turkey to the Lesbos port of Mytilini, told the Telegraph that he had been astonished at the number of Syrian refugees invaders travelling as fellow passengers.

“Out of 250 people, only 40 were Greeks,” he said. “The rest were from Syria, and very happy to be arriving in Greece. They were taking photos on their mobile cameras, obviously relieved to be safe. Greece is an open door. The port is swamped with them”…

All part of Erdogan’s Islamization plans. And he has the nerve to lecture us about ‘Islamophobia’.   But the blame ultimately falls on the EU for permitting this to happen.