Peter MacKay, justice minister, to leave federal politics

Justice Minister Peter MacKay will announce today he won’t run in the next federal election, CBC News has learned.

  • Achmed

    He’ll be back to run for the PC leadership when Harper stands down.
    He along with Justin have both made deals with the Caliphate to try to be the local Sheik of Canada when the New Caliphate rules!

  • andycanuck

    CTV was creaming itself today over the news (as reported on affiliate CITY 24). I figure they’re going to run with the “rat abandoning sinking ship before Justin majority in October” meme.

  • DD_Austin

    Damn… thought he’d be Finance minister next
    and they’d already picked out his new shoes

  • karra

    Can’t think of anything noteworthy he’s done – other than marry that pretty girl.

    • Observer

      You mean Iranian, Nazanin Afshin-Jam?

  • cmh

    good news…