One Year On, People Of IS-Held Mosul Still ‘Cut Off From The World’

Hung precariously on otherwise empty scaffolding above a dingy market stall in Mosul’s Bab al-Tob neighborhood, the message of the Islamic State (IS) poster belies its surroundings.

“Mosul city is prospering under the caliphate!” it reads.

But for Mosul Eye, a local historian who has been secretly documenting IS’s activities in Mosul since the militants overran the city almost exactly a year ago, and who shared a photo of the poster on Facebook this week, such IS propaganda is an insult.

  • Al that can come fro Islam is death and destruction on a massive scale. Anyone who cannot see this is self-blinded.

  • Linda1000

    Really don’t care as Mousul is just another burned dump in an Islamic shithole country.

  • They are also without hand.

  • MRHapla

    Lucky for them, Iraq will be retaking Mosul. Soon,,,,,,Any day now,,,,,,,you just keep watching,,,,,,,,,that check is in the mail,,,,,,