Norway: 6 out of 10 polled are negative to a family member marrying a Muslim

NB – Google Translate: 6 of 10 is negative to a Muslim family

“Half of Norway are wary of Muslims, shows the annual integration barometer , which was presented Wednesday.

A representative sample has answered questions about various immigrant-related attitudes. Clearly most, both among the general population and in different immigrant groups, are wary of Islam.

Nearly six in ten of the population is negative to an in-law of Muslim faith into the family, and it is clearly higher than any other denomination.

Also among immigrants from non-Muslim countries groups is significantly higher skepticism to an in-law of Muslim faith than with any other belief.

Half of the immigrants from Pakistan is negative to a-law with Hindu or Buddhist belief, while four out of ten are negative in law with Jewish or Christian faith in this immigrant group.”