No girls allowed: Toronto Muslims demand sharia rules on high school soccer field

Two Toronto high schools — one Catholic, one Muslim — were playing a soccer game when the Muslim team complained about the two female players on the Catholic team.

  • pop

    Another FIFA president

  • ontario john

    That would make a great display at the new museum of islamic propaganda that Wynne likes to go to for photo ops.

  • Allan

    The Catholic school coaches are disgusting vermin. They should be no where near students.

    • Jayme

      You can’t be serious?

      • Clink9

        He must know them all personally

  • roccolore

    The Muslim sore losers had no problem in the first half playing against girls.

  • Frau Katze

    I have severe Islamonausea.

    • just a thought

      Yes, it is getting pretty sickening. My solution? Send them all back to Regurgistan, without Dramamine, or air-sick bags.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Sharia this.

  • Maxsteele

    Shows that it is not just the muslims in the middle east that are lacking in testosterone. They had a 10-1 advantage over Israel in every way and always get their butts kicked. Now they can’t stand being shown up by tough, athletic, catholic school girls. Hahahaha, such wimps.

  • Gary

    Muslims, and CAIR , no longer try to push their charade that islamic Terrorists that kill while citing the quranic verses to approve it aren’t islamic or muslims.
    After the Garland failed Jihad by muslims bent on slaughter those that defamed the prophet of islam ( Obama assertion to the the UN) with cartoons , CAIR and the msm were honest to admit that islam creates followers that can be predisposed for violence and killing for allah since they all blamed to person staging the event .
    In the mind of a Liberal Progressive it is never the fault of the actual muslims doing the terrorism and rapes , the 6 billion non-muslims on Earth now assume they will riot and behead people when offended or if their prophet is offended which means that they should not be provoked which makes them Snap and lust for revenge and death to infidels.

    Muslim have learned that terrorism works, so get used to it folks because Barbara Hall, McGuinty , Wynne and the TDSB gave Muslims two Mosques in our PUBLIC schools which appeased them for now but the demands won’t end which means that terrorism will be the norm one day if islam is insulted or Canada opposes the spread of the Caliphate.

    I still make the prediction that the Little Somalia hell hole near Dixon and Kipling will be the first NO-GO zone and battlefield by pro-shraria muslims demanding it be claimed for allah as an islamic state within Canada
    The unproductive bogus refugees from Somalia in the early 90’s have a large number of them STILL on welfare with no plans to get jobs , just as the new wave of muslims pouring in to Regent Parkistan will still be on welfare in 2035 and pumping out Jihad-joes that are groomed in their mosques.
    Muslims can not longer deny the pro-jihad verses in the quran , nor the trouble they cause in every Western nations that are invading in the guise of Refugees wanting to live in Peace. The Peace they want is a jew-free world run by Sharia law in a Global Caliphate.
    It’s too obvious that they are NOT coming here to be Canadian, plus those “Bad Apples” now appear to be the entire Orchard that is poisoned and has only a Few Good Apples that CAIR loves to denounce as islamophobes and not true muslims .

  • V10_Rob

    The Islamists’ Achilles Heel: bacon and cooties