Kittens of the Resistance!


Sky and Slate

“On April 24th, 2015, my husband was working in an industrial park when he found these two tiny baby kittens just before they would have been crushed by construction equipment that was being moved around.”

  • Awesome;)

  • Frau Katze


  • Thank you!

    • I wish someone would bring me a box of kittens 🙁

      • My husband has also brought home boxes of Guinea Pigs, pet RATS (which then had BABIES), injured baby field nice, abandoned pet aquatic frogs (who will eat all the fish in your aquarium if it doesn’t get its own tank – learned that the hard way), a crazy dog who ATE MY DINING ROOM FLOOR), a crazy cat who apparently suffers PTSD and over a half dozen other cats (mostly adults who were very sick and seriously malnourished), injured baby birds (which I’m highly allergic to) and anything else that has a heartbeat and appears to need help who crossed his path. I have accepted them, loved them, and taken care of them all for the entirety of the rest of their natural lives – with the exception of the wildlife rescued who I care for until a professional wildlife rehab specialist can take them or they get well enough in my care to be freed (whichever comes first) or if they were too far gone already and they die (very sad but thankfully very rare). My husband brings “pro-life” to a whole other level in his determination to “save” every living creature in peril that he happens to find. I’ve brought home a few myself, so spparently we really do deserve eachother. Every spring husband also seems to find a white tailed deer fawn who couldn’t clear a fence or got tangled in it and is crying for its momma. Without fail, husband gets the baby and shows it to me & the Lil Resisters and then he brings it to its momma who is always nearby watching. I can only imagine what it is going to be like when the Lil Resisters are big enough to bring home “can we keep it, mom?” critters – Lil Zilla already rescues all manner of bugs, frogs, and snakes from the cats and the pool. God help me when The Boy Resister starts doing likewise!

        • That’s epic. It’s very sweet. I once decided to adopt a baby mouse my cat brought me. I didn’t see how it could survive on its own. I would have had to have gotten a cage, sawdust, a water-bottle, maybe a wheel… I won’t lie to you, I was glad when it didn’t make it.

  • Some people need to be crushed.

  • bob e

    we need every man-jack or cat-jack we can get ..

  • Blacksmith

    Great save!