It was Irish EU troughers that won gay marriage referendum

Gay marriage is one of those issues that excites strong emotions. With Ireland in mind, as interesting as the issue itself is how it got on the agenda. This sceptic about gay marriage says it was down to a radical liberal ideology running riot through modern Europe, and it’s the lawyers who have most to celebrate

Same-sex marriage is to be legalised in the Republic of Ireland, the first country to introduce it by popular vote. To many people around the world, this must have come as a surprise.

If there was one country with a reputation for strong traditional beliefs, Ireland was that country. So what happened?

Why has Ireland, of all countries, decided to dismantle what traditionalists see as the natural institution of marriage between a man and a woman — an institution that has been integral to human society throughout most of human history — to be replaced by state recognition of what some would see as inherently sterile unions and what, in many cases, would be assumed by such traditionalists as frivolous commitments from those playing at being parents?

  • k1992

    The article mentioned that there was some pushback in places like France against the legalization of gay marriage. It’s tempting to think that pushback had more to do with the large percentage of muslims in France than with its supposed commitment to secularism.
    In the next few years it will be interesting to see which side wins out in the Big Gay versus Big Mo confrontations. These flare-ups are already appearing in many western countries (in Ontario, Canada, for example). My money’s on the pious, 7th century head-chopping enthusiasts.

    • The_Infidel_01

      I have the popcorn ready for kickoff. or should that be chop off.

  • kiwi

    It was a kick back against the Roman Catholic church and their power which motivated many. Particularily those who had been brought up in poverty because contraception was banned, the paedophile wealthy priests, girls who were raped but for whom abortion was illegal – a whole assortment of laws that were in place courtesy of the hard line hypocritical cardinals. Families of up to twelve children even where the father had no job were expected by the clergy who were quick to notice if a wife was not pregnant every year and wanted to know why. And the endless amount of money they extracted from their parishioners to keep themselves in the luxury the had become used to, The best of wines, silk sheets, first class air fares, five star hotels and booze like you woudn’t believe. And the poor women of the parish had to do the housekeeping, gardening , washing etc. for this elite who would not let them control their own fertility but demanded their money on a plates at mass to live their good life. and to furnish the overseas trips when the long Irish winter drgged too much..
    The last episode I heard of was 2013 when a young immigrant Indian dentist who was two or three months pregnant but was in the process of miscarrying was put into Galway hospital where they tried their best to stop the miscarriage thereby introducing sepsis from which she died. Her husband, also an Indian dentist, was devastated that they would not do a D&C to ensure the safety of his wife. He did not realise that the life of an foetus takes priority over the life of the mother in Irish law.
    Any ordinary Irish guy would have put her in the car and driven hell for leather over the border to Enniskillen or Derry where she would have been saved by the British NHS system which has the opposite priority.
    And so much else where the church held such influence in private family affairs, education and anything the could cling onto which made them all powerful over the the detriment of the ordinary Irish people. the church
    Well, the man and women in the street used this opportunity (and what an opportunity to show the Church of Rome exactly what they thought of them – a gay marriage referendum was the only chance they would ever have to stick it to the priests who had destroyed the lives of so many innocents.
    And that is just for starters!

    • Kaye

      That was the only way to “stick it to the church”? Why not just leave the church? Unlike Islam, the penalty for apostasy is the Catholic Church is not death. Ireland is becoming just another secular, “progressive” country that will be devoured by islam in the long run.

      • Linda1000

        Same for the sheeple in Canada. No referendum vote on the issue and not one protest march back in 2005. Just follow whatever diktats of the flavor of the day at Parliament Hill and of a few SCofC happen to like.

    • Waffle

      Can’t help but think of Quebec which was dominated by the Jesuits for centuries. I don’t know enough of the details,but I do know that today their churches are empty, their marriage rate is low and so is their birth rate.

  • Abu Nudnik

    This is a story?

  • ontario john

    The media is now reporting that the European Council is demanding that spanking of children in Ireland be outlawed. But its ok I guess for muslims to persecute Jews and Christians in Europe.

    • El Martyachi

      I blame the Teigs.

  • DMB

    The government should not be in the marriage business in the first place. Marriage is a religious institution only civil unions should be sanctioned by the state. It would be like saying the government needs to sanction baptisms, first communions, Bar(t) Mitzvah’s, etc. The government should only be concerned about the contractual agreement between two people who wed each other. Since marriage is primarily a religious institution with state involvement the point of legalizing same sex marriage is to undermine mainly Christianity.