French “Gitano” travellers fight Family Feud on YouTube

….and spoofs – with subtitles

Gitano family feud goes wild in bare-chested YouTube videos

A series of videos showing a fight between two groups of Gitano from the same extended family has gone viral in France in the past few weeks. A member of the “Lopez” family first took the family feud to YouTube (and the public) when he uploaded a video of himself insulting and threatening his “cousins,” who soon responded in kind… and so on. The display of bravado is so outrageous that it has inspired numerous spoofs.

Fans created an interactive website allowing you to play audio clips of their most memorable comebacks.

In short, the Lopez cousins have become internet stars, inspiring others to create spoofs based on these ongoing video wars. Less-muscled internet users have parodied the structure of the Lopez videos. The “Lopez” phenomenon has even spread internationally, inspiring a “North African Gitano” to post a spoof in Arabic.

Original Lopez 36 (Not a spoof)

Original Djo Lopez (Not a spoof)

  • OK. I thought this was funny.

  • Brett_McS

    I find it funny to watch people yelling abuse and threats .. in a language I don’t understand.

  • dagawker

    Baby lotion? Gay French Turks? Where’s the Goat?

    • ntt1

      is severe razor burn behind the awkward angle they hold their arms at?

  • G

    That’s hilarious.

    If you’re so serious & tough then quit yapping, and smoke the guy with the camera. Why wait?

    • G

      Hit the guy with the camera 1st. He’s got at least 1 hand occupied.

      This reminds me of a nature documentary on chimpanzee threatening behavior.I see a lot of jumping and screaming and bared teeth but no actual fighting I think despite their tough words they aren’t too enthusiastic about actually mixing it up.