Andrew Bolt: A gay campaigner warns: he comes to destroy marriage, not embrace it

Yesterday I challenged same-sex marriage supporters to show that the marriage tradition would be safe in their hands – and its most fundamental aspects defended.

One day later and Simon Copland, columnist for the Sydney Star Observer and former ACT convenor for the Greens, suggests my hope is misplaced:

Yet, as equality for lesbians and gays looks closer than ever, the real fight over marriage is only just about to begin.

Andrew Bolt’s conversion to a same-sex marriage supporter [not actually true] this week came with a very important caveat. As gays and lesbians enter into the marriage fold, Bolt called on them to to do everything they can to ‘defend the institution as we conservatives tried.’

What does Bolt mean? … Bolt’s first argument is that gays and lesbians need to do everything they can to ensure marriage continues to “protect children.” Ironic from a man whose movement has actively argued that same-sex couple are disastrous for children.

But what does that actually mean? In reality it means upholding the economic traditions of marriage, which have historically oppressed women… Marriage is seen as a contract — women trade access to the resources and protection they require for the promise of fidelity. Hence the continued economic oppression of women in our society…


h/t Marvin