Swedish jihadist Bille Ilias Mohamed worked on rail safety

Commuter trains in Stockholm, Sweden

iliasbillemohamede_mohamoudjama_agnetahildingqvarnstromBille Ilias Mohamed (pictured at left), 30, is suspected of being the mastermind behind the terror group IS signings in Stockholm.

Aftonbladet can now reveal that the Swedish jihadist previously worked on commuter trains in Stockholm.
Servicer Stockholmståg…is responsible for commuter services in the capital, confirms that he has been employed by them.

Safety Responsibility

In their work on commuter trains should Bille Ilias Mohamed have had security, which means that he would have access to all depots and premises. Many of his former colleagues are now very worried after taking part in Aftonbladet‘s revelation about the 30-year-old’s links with the terrorist organization IS.

“The guy has had access to trains and premises very easily,” writes one of the members in a closed Facebook group for employees at Stockholmståg.

An employee at Stockholmståg, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that the unrest is widespread on the job.

“He left in 2013 but may well have copied cards or keys. Check what happened in London and Madrid. This is very serious,” he said.

Aftonbladet previously been able to reveal that Bille Ilias Mohamed is currently in Syria.

In autumn 2010, he was sentenced along with another man for conspiracy to commit terrorist offenses by the Gothenburg District Court. According to the court, 30-year-old was trained by the terrorist group al-Shabab in Somalia between 2007 and 2009. When he was arrested he was charged with planning a suicide attack in Somalia.

“Uneasy when he was acquitted”

In his computer authorities found a manifesto written by Anwar al Awlaki – the man described as al-Qaida’s chief ideologue. He could also be connected to Munir Awad, the terrorist who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for a planned attack against the Jyllands-Posten. They had lived together for several years in the same apartment.

The verdict against Bille Ilias Mohamed and his cronies in 2010 was appealed and a year later they were acquitted by Appeal for Western Sweden.  The evidence against them was not sufficient.

According to Aftonbladet Bille Ilias Mohamed worked as train attendant on Stockholmståg well before the high-profile terrorism trials in Gothenburg and afterwards.

“I felt uneasy when he was acquitted and returned. He was sullen and radiated a certain calm,” writes one of the members of the Facebook group.

“No comment”

After the acquittal, likely when he still worked as a train attendant, Bille Ilias Mohamed assumed a leading role in a splinter group within Stockholm Islamic circles. He went from one Islamist faction to to form the group Salif jihad – which actively advocating jihadism, as reported by Aftonbladet.

“The extreme interpretation of Islam that they applied prohibited all activity in Swedish society. One should not vote, nor have anything to do with government,” says a source familiar with the business.

At Stockholmståg officials have no comment. “He is no longer with us. We have no comments at all,” says Mikael Lindskog, Head of Communications at Stockholmståg.

We asked, “Can he maintain codes or keys which allows him access to critical infrastructure?”

“All such material is collected when people leave,” he answered.

Security Police would not comment on the Aftonbladet information concerning the Swedish jihadist.

“We rarely comment about individuals,” says Fredrik Milder, press secretary of the Security Service.

“Do you know that he worked at Stockholmståg?” we asked.

“We do not comment on things that could affect our operational work, and that could reveal how we work,” he answered.

Note: Edited Google translate from Swedish. We previously posted on this man a few days ago.

h/t Desmond Baker