News Release – Fifty new Canadians receive their citizenship at Toronto Paramedic Services headquarters today

Fifty new Canadians receive their citizenship at Toronto Paramedic Services headquarters today

Citizenship Judge Ruth Klein granted Canadian citizenship to 50 new Canadians at a Citizenship and Immigration Canada ceremony this morning at Toronto Paramedic Services headquarters, 4330 Dufferin St.

More than 100 guests in attendance saw the Toronto Paramedic Service Honour Guard escort Chief Paul Raftis, his senior team and Judge Klein to the podium to begin the 45-minute ceremony.

“Canadian citizenship is a privilege to hold,” said Chief Raftis. “It is also a privilege for me to serve as the Chief of Toronto Paramedic Services and to lead our outstanding team of paramedics, emergency medical dispatchers and operational support staff, all of whom provide world-class emergency medical care in the community.

“Citizenship ceremonies are a unique part of Canadian civic life,” said Judge Klein. “It is one of the few occasions when we formally reflect on the rights, responsibilities and benefits of being a Canadian citizen. I thank Chief Raftis for showing his support to new Canadians each year by hosting this ceremony”…

…Toronto is Canada’s largest city, the fourth largest in North America, and home to a diverse population of about 2.8 million people. It is a global centre for business, finance, arts and culture and is consistently ranked one of the world’s most livable cities. Toronto is proud to be the Host City for the 2015 Pan American and Parapan American Games…

Want to read even more? City of Toronto to celebrate immigrants at first Newcomer Day:

The City of Toronto in partnership with the Toronto Newcomer Leadership Table – made up of representatives from Canada’s three orders of government, community agencies, school boards, health and other sectors – will host the first annual Newcomer Day in Toronto as a way of welcoming newcomers and acknowledging their contributions to Toronto.

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  • Dana Garcia

    Is Toronto still the most diverse city in North America — to the relief of Miami?

    • Gary

      It’s the most racist City too because each minority now stakes out their turf and sticks to their own kind.
      Toronto is close to 50% immigrants and if the Diversity Policy continues there will be trouble when some new groups pours into Canada with about 40,000 people that demands jobs and it will now be other Minorities expected to lose their jobs to fill the quota’s.
      Things are okay now because Whitey is being let go along with STR8 people, but good luck in the future when you have to choose the Black lesbian or Brown female muslim to let go or the atheist trans person in a wheelchair.

    • Frau Katze

      I don’t know one would even measure it. How diverse is Vancouver, which has loads of immigrants, but mostly they’re Chinese or Sikhs.

      They’re new majority. Fortunately they’re not Muslims. But there are smaller samples of everyone and his dog.

      Does diversity just mean non-European descent or does it count the number of different ethnics with a strong presence?

      • Alain

        If I must ensure population replacement, then I prefer what we have so far in BC.

      • Dana Garcia

        Sorry, I should have specified foreign-born diversity. I’ve gotten in trouble for complaining about diversity in conversations with American blacks, because I don’t think of them as diverse.

  • cmh

    how many of them are not pregnant, can speak english, and have jobs?

    • Cheryl

      Not too many. They love their language and really have no use for our English or French language unless they are getting paid to learn it. Could this be why Canadians are finding living in this country they were born in hard to make ends meet? Taxes are so high for Canadians and out of them comes language lessons for newcomers, healthcare for newcomers, low rental living for newcomers and this list goes on. Shame on our government for letting this continue.

      • Alain

        I concur except that the shame belongs to our judicial activists – the courts and Trudeau’s charter.

        • DD_Austin

          The shame belongs to the 70% of canadians who are assholes, and always have been. Name any time period
          and it’s easy to prove that they are naive sheep.

          As for proof, just read the comment section in any CBC,
          star, or any other MSM rag, hamsters have better critical
          thinking skills than most canadians.

  • DD_Austin

    Ah, Political healthcare, It’s a sign it’s time to Privatize healthcare
    cause otherwise the only care you’ll be able to get is some dirty handed muslim
    quack with a RN from the univeristy of pakistan, and the only way you’ll see
    a real medical professional is when you take your cat to the Vets

  • marty_p

    I still don’t get why the Tor Star has chosen Mo’s out of all of the immigrant groups to ass kiss – when Mo’s don’t attend concerts, theatre etc who are big advertisers (take a look next time you are at a concert or play – bet ya won’t see any hijabs in the crowd)… I bet there aren’t many Star subscribers in public housing…
    Best Mo butt kiss so far in the Star BTW is Joe Fiorito writing about how he chewed Khat and how it’s no big deal and how it should be legalized as it’s simply a recreational item for Somali’s. (I don’t think even Joe is stupid enough to think that community reads the Star).
    so why did they hitch their wagon to Mo’s when there are so many other ethnic groups in the GTA with some groups more likely to read a newspaper?

    • Doug Kursk

      Like all good little Marxists, they believe the Muslims give them the best chance of destroying western society from within.

      Other brown people are sometimes useful for the traitor class, but the Mo’s deliver the goods when it comes to bringing the culture wars to a boil.

      If the jr. Marxists find the average Canadian repulsive for their ‘archaic’ values and morals, can you imagine the squirming their minds must do when tolerating Muslims, whose sensitivities in all things progressives hold dear is slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan?

      We all know there is eventually going to have to be a war for our societies/culture/values and the lefties want the most violent allies they can find.