Israelis Try Realism; Obama and the Palestinians Don’t Like It.

For all of the talk we’ve been hearing for the last week about how Israel’s new government can’t possibly function, Prime Minister Netanyahu seems to be catching a lot more flack about the likelihood that his appointees will implement changes than about their supposed inability to act. The latest item to provoke international outrage is the appointment of Dore Gold, a respected scholar and veteran diplomat to the post of director general of the foreign ministry. The problem with Gold, according to left-wing critics and the Palestinians is that he has an annoying tendency to see the situation as it is and not through the rose-colored glasses of some of the inveterate peace processors that preceded him in the post. As with Netanyahu’s re-election, the losers in that contest that are warning Israelis the country will pay a heavy price for not doing as Washington orders. But what both the prime minister and his long-time adviser bring to the table is a much-needed sense of realism to the task of representing Israel to the world that their opponents lack.