Gay Marriage Goes Beyond ‘Bake Me a Cake’

Over the last few years, the gay marriage movement has transformed from “equality for all” to “bake me a cake.” As it picks up steam, the movement looks more and more totalitarian, both at home and abroad.

  • ontario john

    Under its new owners the Toronto Sun continues its transition to become just another liberal rag, with its poor me story of a teen who is being persecuted by an evil Catholic board for promoting gay sex in a yearbook.

  • Xavier

    Anyone who disagrees with Conservatives must be tolerated.
    Anyone who disagrees with Progressives must be destroyed.

    • Blacksmith

      Not just tolerated for disagreeing with a conservative idea but venerated and acclaimed.

  • tom_billesley

    The next step in the process is “consecrate our marriage, or else …”

  • G

    Thanks judges!
    Keep persecuting those Christians! I notice you are too scared to persecute muslims though. (Cuz muslims fight back.)

  • Jim Horne

    Why does the left choose to define their opponent’s speech as hate speech? Not because it’s fair, but because works. Totalitarians only want to silence their opposition, not debate them.

    Why is Christianity under attack in America?

  • Hard Little Machine

    How can these snowflakes expect to exist or thrive in the real world once they are gay married? Are they going to send cops to pepper spray everyone who ever gives them the side-eye? Are they going to demand that every business that doesn’t clap and cheer if they have sex on the floor of the business be sent off to concentration camps?

    • El Martyachi

      They own the real world. It sucks.

  • moraywatson

    Let’s assume you had a society that wanted to have special rituals to celebrate the life long commitment of one man to one woman. How would that be accomplished?

  • Alain

    The movement has always been totalitarian from the start. That this aspect was kept hidden until they had enough steam and numbers of supporters on their side does not mean it wasn’t there. It is much the same with Muslims coming to a non Muslim country; they tend to remain under the public radar until they get their numbers up along with enough abettors and supports before showing their true colours. In fact it is the same strategy used by every cultural marxist movement.