Disgraced Researcher on Gay Marriage Accused of Lying about Funding

Not only does it appear that UCLA grad student Michael LaCour lied about the results of his study on how easy it is to change minds on gay marriage, but it also appears he falsified data on his CV.

With much ballyhoo, Science journal published a paper by LaCour and his colleague, Professor Donald Green of Columbia University, which showed that opponents of gay marriage could not only have their minds changed after a 20-minute scripted conversation, but that their minds stayed changed over time.

  • Clink9

    So hard to believe a person from a group that is always looking for love in all the wrong places would be full of shit. Who knew?

  • cmh

    his whole life is an unhealthy lie so this is no surprise at all to the heterosexual community

  • Martin B

    You’d think the editors would have a clue. It’s right there in the name of their journal-SCIENCE. Advocacy for trendy social causes is not science! Now the whole world knows they sold science down the river to help perpetrate a fraud for the sake of Big Gay. I hope they’re happy.

  • Frau Katze

    A liar told previous lies? I’m simply blown away!

  • How embarrassing for them.

    Oh wait! They would have to have shame first.

  • Dana Garcia

    Libberdoodles believe lying for their favorite lib-noble cause is laudatory. They are similar to lying liar Muslims and their taqiyya in that way.

  • ontario john

    When I read this story a few days ago, I wasn’t that surprised that leftists and gays lied. They do that all the time. What upset me was that supporters stated that gays should continue to go door to door to confront those who support traditional values. So its ok now for some sort of nazi brown shirt tactic in a democratic society? Its ok for people to be confronted on their door steps by these fascists. What happens in the future if you don’t succumb to their demands on your property? Will you be shamed in public, lose your job, have Michael Coren publish your name?

  • no4

    No man smiles like that unless he has repeatedly had his bum hole stretched

  • sanwin

    Oh no, Michael fucking Coren will be so upset he might just join Islam.

    BTW, I’m starting a new series #ThingsCorenSaid

    The first three episodes can be seen here :




  • MRHapla

    He and the HoeMoes/Trannies etc,, did build that. Mined, sculpted from the living mountain of PCLibDem BullShhtt