Amazing admission on how feminist policies can hurt women

Feminism was long ago hijacked by the Left. But if you concentrate on measures that help or harm women in the real world, you see statist policies ostensibly designed to help, often do more harm than good

When I write about columns in the New York Times, I’m normally pointing out silly examples of bias or exposing absurd mistakes (with Paul Krugman deserving his own special category for sloppiness, as seen here, here, here, here, here, herehere, here,here, here, here, and here).

But every so often, there’s an insightful piece that is worth sharing rather than worth mocking. And that’s the case with a column by Claire Cain Miller on the unintended negative consequences of policies that ostensibly are supposed to help women but actually hurt them.

  • Glenfilthie

    “Feminism was long ago hijacked by the Left.”
    Not so. To say that is to misunderstand women. And…liberals too.
    Women are fascists and socialists by nature and judging by the divorce stats – only about half of them are able to rise above it. This is why in better times, women were not allowed to vote or hold positions of authority.
    It is my conviction that women hijacked the Left, not the other way around. As they gained more and more traction in the workplace, more and more childishness was brought in with them.
    This is just the beginning. Look for the workplace to become much more hostile and rapey, and for productivity and morale to plummet.

    • El Martyachi

      They sometimes have really nice asses though.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        21 is the correct answer, right?

        • El Martyachi
          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I don’t know, the caboose doesn’t match the engine.
            A close ‘number 2’ is 19.

          • El Martyachi

            We will have to agree to disagree on degree of callipygianinity.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            One of the things I’ll miss about Norway.

        • Blacksmith

          21 followed very closely by 19.

          • Clink9

            I concur.

    • Frau Katze

      There are some exceptions. Whenever one makes statements about a large group, always say it applies the average, and that there are some exceptions.

      I’m tending to agree with you, but with the qualification that you’re speaking on averages and not 100% of the female population.

      — Signed, your hard-working blogger, Mrs. Cat

    • Blacksmith

      I will have to disagree with you, when the the womens voting fight was going on it was in the same time period as the temperance movement. It was leftist intolerance from the beginning. They were organized and feminism grew from that. Since then the farther left you are the more intolerant you are and the more willing to scream about something so it has only worsened over the years. I do not agree that women should not be allowed to vote. I think there should be a citizenship test for those who wish to vote and if you can’t pass the test you don’t vote. With the drivel taught in schools and universities these days the leftist would never be able to pass the test.

      • El Martyachi

        …. problem with that is the questions would end up being i.e. “list all the genders in the non-CIS spectrum” etc. Remember they own every institution and a solid 3 generations now.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Feminists would tell that all of that is simply the result of not enough regulation, not not imposition of brute force of the government, not enough micro management. They would tell you to look to the Federal government where all of this hyper nano management is standard operating procedure, where taking off for any reason at all for months even years is standard, where pay is a matter of gender and skin color and where it’s nearly impossible to remove a federal employee from their job even where, especially where they’re convicted of crimes on and about the job.

    • El Martyachi

      Only prolonged widespread strife could break the cycle now. With them in charge it’ll come eventually.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Many of the feminists out for totalitarian rule are lesbians and the others crowd the abortion clinics or are otherwise not reproducing. It’s Darwin in action.

  • Solo712

    As someone said, ‘feminism is the art of kicking an open door’.

    • El Martyachi

      I’m gonna use that.

    • Frau Katze

      Exactly. So-called sexism has been greatly exaggerated.

  • Clink9

    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  • Martin B

    Feminism is Marxism in a pantsuit. Never mind hurting women, feminazis put the State first even when it kills women dead. That’s why they worshipped the ground Ted Kennedy walked on and forgot all about Mary Jo gasping for breath at the bottom of the lake. That’s why they say accusers of sexual harassment or rape must always be believed without question UNLESS the accused is Bubba Clinton or some other politician who will advance their agenda. That’s why the countless women who perished in the gulags don’t even register.