North Korean couple taken by Libyan Islamic State stronghold

BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) — A spokesman of a local Libyan city council says a North Korean couple has been abducted near the stronghold of the country’s Islamic State affiliate.

Taher al-Zaroug, spokesman for the western city of Misrata’s city council, says the couple — both doctors — were travelling from the oasis of Zallah in central Libya, where they worked for a local hospital for many years.

He says they were seized Friday near the coastline city of Sirte, where the Islamic State group has gained a foothold amid Libya’s chaos in the past months…

  • BillyHW

    Man, they missed that underground railroad to China by a longshot.

  • DaninVan

    OK; this requires a flow chart.
    N. Korea is allied with Iran (and Russia). Pakistan is pretty friendly with N. Korea, technology wise. So who’s best interest is served by pissing off the N. Koreans?
    I’m guessing these Drs. are released toot sweet.
    Bad juju if harm comes to them…
    (did I miss some critical piece of info?)

    • Frau Katze

      Islamic State doesn’t get on with any government…I don’t think. But it will be interesting to see what happens.

      • Canadian

        The worst that can happen would be their release.

  • Desmond Baker

    The Somali ISIS recruiter in Stockholm Sweden, you wrote about a couple of days ago, was convicted in lower court for planning to be a suicide bomber, and was recorded on phone arguing with his wife over his 72 concubines.

    He was then freed in higher court, because of ”lack of evidence”, and the Swedish capitol hired him as security guy with passing cards and keys to every bit of Stockholm’s railroad system (underground and overground).

    And now he is a jihadi in Syria and the security services think he is Stockholm’s top ISIS recruiter…

    How in Allah’s name could he get such an employment?!

  • Hard Little Machine

    A couple of what?

  • Ed

    Does there exist a successfully taken photo of a Muslim working anywhere?

  • mauser 98

    ….we were always at war with Eurasia

    Obama ordered CIA to train ISIS jihadists: Declassified documents

    • Ho Hum

      I am surprised how little attention is being paid to the explosive revelations in these declassified documents. They leave little doubt that Obama created ISIS as a tool to topple Assad (just as Obama used Al Qaeda to topple Qaddafi) . Documents show that Obama wanted to created a “Salafist Principality” in eastern Syria. This “Salafist Principality” morphed into ISIS.

      • mauser 98

        where are the Republicans?..silence..election next year!
        Boo Hoo Boner, M.McConnel, are being bribed, blackmailed or threatened.

  • DMB

    It could have been the North Koreans and ISIS were trying to make a deal for deadly weapons but things went bad!

  • Kim the Third will bomb them now.

  • ntt1

    now we find out if kimchee is halal or haram.

  • It’s either a slave couple or a political one.

  • Heltau

    maybe this is when islam gets nuked by nk.
    No one else seems to want to do it no matter what they do to other countries.