Muslim arrested for hate crime against Catholic Church in Mississauga

Police make arrest in suspected hate crime at Mississauga Catholic church

MISSISSAUGA, ONT. – A 22-year-old Mississauga man has been charged in connection with alleged hate crimes committed at St. Catherine of Siena Church and its neighbouring elementary school over the past two months.

Iqbal Hessan was reportedly arrested in the early hours of May 26 on the Mississauga school’s grounds, though police would not confirm this. Hessan faces five counts of mischief over $5,000, and break, enter and commit indictable offence. A bail hearing was held later that day.

On May 20, the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue that stands in front of the church was covered in black paint and the fingers of its outstretched arms were broken off. Behind the church, graffiti with the words “There is no Jew God” was scrawled across the brick wall along with a drawing of a face labelled “Jewsus.”

It was the third time the church has been targeted. On April 9, surveillance footage caught a young man breaking into the church, ripping pages of the Sacramentary book on the altar and throwing them at the tabernacle. He is then seen stealing one of the church’s amplifier speakers.

h/t Meir,  Never Again Canada and Vox Cantoris


NB: This being Canada, Iqbal Hessan is likely to receive a citizenship award from the city of Mississauga and multiple police forces.

It is also fair to expect him to be invited to sit on the National Security Roundtable and be nominated as a Liberal Party candidate shortly.

The police will not pursue a hate crime charge against Iqbal Hessan, that is a near certainty.

Even if they did Ontario’s Attorney General would not sign off on a charge, not with the Wynne government in full appeasement mode with the Muslim community over her twisted sex-ed curriculum.

Any statement from the premiers office will likely blame the church for erecting provocative statuary.


The pic above shows Iqbal’s handiwork as well as a screenshot taken from his now deleted Facebook page.

  • Clink9

    And the Order of Canada.

    • Oops forgot that.

      • Achmed

        He must be an apostate.

        He is either supposed to turn the houses of worship of the unbelievers into mosques or raze their houses of worship of false gods to the ground! Praise Allah and his Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him.

        • Blacksmith

          ‘piss be upon him’
          There FIFY

        • Clink9

          Yes, piss on him.

  • Censored_EG

    A muzzie scumbag criminal vandalizing a church in Islamissauga? Say it isn’t so. I’m shocked, shocked, shocked! This muzloid must have missed the memo about Islam being a religion of peace. I hope this young man straightens out and engages in some helpful and healing interfaith dialogue with active members of a United Church soon.

    • I am certain they will post his bail.

      • terrence

        And make him a “minister” of their “church”

      • Justin

        Even in Canada muslims would want to persecute Christians and destroy churches. This one should be given maximum prison sentence possible and then be sent directly to Pakistani hellhole. I would actually be very happy if the hung him to death. I would be celebrating!

  • Oracle9

    Reading the comments on the article, the Western war against Christianity is fully supported by our own secular fifth column, the enthusiastic homegrown p-c ally of the Muslims. Disturbing.

    • No shortage of those.

    • What’s the difference between a leftist and an Islamist?

      Not a lot, really.

      • Oracle9

        Correct. Both types are fundamentalist in their respective religion and rely on the use of force to oppress others to tow the line.

      • They certainly share certain values.

      • Blacksmith

        A larger percentage of leftist are openly gay?
        Do I win a prize?

    • Justin

      Very True!

  • Chatillon

    His lawyer will likely provide him with free room and lodging.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Should he not be a Canadian citizen he should be put on the next plane out of the country.

  • Waffle

    I don’t want to brag, but I could have told you his ethnic identity last week — those muz sure love that swastika. Dead giveaway.

  • Jim Horne

    It’s worse south of the border. The political left will align themselves with any group in order to secure or maintain political power.
    Marco Rubio Warns of ‘Clear, Present Danger’ to Christianity

    • Blacksmith

      Shit the so called right is not any better, we really only have one party down here the leftist and their enablers.

  • The Goat

    All right, who let Michael Coren out of the insane asylum?

  • Leftists and Islamists are two sides of the same coin.

    • JoKeR


      • Normally, leftists don’t breed but stranger things have happened.

  • ontario john

    Very little media mention of this. Yet when a mosque is vandalized its a national crisis in the media.

    • Very tiny stories covered it in the media once it became apparent the Perp was Muslim.

  • Ho Hum

    Clearly a hate crime and yet police haven’t charged him as such. According to the article he has been charged with mischief over $5,000. Unfortunately the media will ignore this otherwise the question for the police would be why no hate crime charges?

    • They won’t charge him with a hate crime, that’s not an option when the victim is a Christian and the perp a Muslim.

      • Achmed

        It is not a “hate crime”. He is only following the demands of the Q’uran and in an extremely mild way.

        You have to respect our culture. Pierre Trudeau made it part of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is our right and our freedom that matters!

  • DVult

    Take him down to the basement and bury him with the others, spikey fist in the back of the head first optional.

  • Ho Hum

    According to this report the Muslim arrested is an Afghan which means that he is almost certainly one of the 10,000’s of Afghans brought to Canada as “refugees” by Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper

    • That figures.

    • sanwin

      I’m willing to be that this jackass is from that haven of Islamic goodness, Pakistan.

  • SDMatt

    And only 10 kilometres away from Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Elementary School the late Mark Harding was “sentenced to Islam” at ISNA Canada aka Wahabi central.

  • sanwin

    I expect Michael Coren to write an article on how the Church of the Nasty is being mean to this guy and how he was only expressing his right to free speech.

    Yes, that Michael Coren, former friend now raving lunatic dickhead.

    • Petrilla

      You are beginning to wear me down, why your hate toward Michael Coren? Is he not allowed to change his belief, you are sounding like I hate: Sharia. I am allowed to believe what I believe. Magna Carta tells me so. Why don’t you explain yourself. You are so lucky to live here in Canada. Explain yourself. Explique.

      • Frau Katze

        Let’s see how his overall worldview changes. Time will tell.

        • Clink9

          He is a little feeble minded as he ages.

      • He seems to have done a 180 on almost all his beliefs. He’s allowed, of course, but it’s unnerving.

        • Censored_EG

          He now believes, for example, Islam is capable of a reformation? Gay marriage is acceptable in a Christian context? etc. etc. etc.?

      • sanwin

        WTF are you anyway ? I am free to hate whosoever I like and I don’t give a rats ass what you think about it. Coren kicked off this whole hate business with his savage attacks on people who admired him and followed him but didn’t do a 180 like he did.

        BTW, stop being so fucking judgmental about Sharia, Who are you to hate something held dear by over a billion muslims ?

  • pike bishop

    The arrogance of these people is not withstanding.

  • Edubeat

    NB: This being Peel Region, Iqbal Hessan is likely to receive a distinguished graduate award from the PeelDistrictSchoolBoard where the equity/diversity/multiculti/socialinjustice/sexed/girlymen groups rule.

  • Pat H

    Could this be the same guy?..