Gee no one saw this coming… Proposed Toronto Hookah Ban Called Discriminatory Against Middle Eastern Culture

TORONTO — The owner of a Moroccan restaurant says a proposed ban on hookahs would discriminate against his culture, where the smoking devices play an historically important role.

“I would absolutely call it (discrimination),” says Younes Regragui, owner of the Desert Rose Restaurant in Toronto. “In the Middle Eastern community, (the hookah) has been embedded in our culture for centuries. If you sit in a family gathering and if you go to Middle Eastern countries, you’ll find it all over the place.”

The increasingly popular hookahs — also known as water pipes — are used to smoke tobacco or a fruit-flavoured, sometimes tobacco-free substance called shisha. The vapour or smoke passes through a water basin before inhalation.


How much would you like to bet that the Hookah cult is accommodated?

Pic is the ISIS Hookah Lounge in NYC.

  • jayme

    Ottawa did bring in a smoke free policy around 3 or 4 years ago but hookah’s bars etc were not part of the policy as it would be seen as anti muslim even with Ottawa public health saying there are major issues with water pipe smoking.
    The other thing is people said if we don’t include all smoking water pipe smoking will sky rocket and the left said don’t be silly well in the last 2 years Ottawa went from 24 Hookah bars to well over 50.

    • I think the Health Nanny’s have met their match on this one. Toronto city council will cave to the Muslims.

      • jayme

        Ottawa council has all but given up on the water pipe bars I expect Toronto to do the same.

      • Alain

        No fan of Islam but on this may the hookah bars win. When you get these little tyrants banning smoking outdoors after dictating to private establishments, you do not have to smoke to see how unacceptable it has become.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Shisha is commonly used to cover the odour of hashish in the ME. Anybody who has traveled to the ME knows this. Why are municipal politicians always such yokels?

  • Censored_EG

    My wife and I saw one on the north side of Lake Shore Boulevard West in Etobicoke yesterday, but it was not yet open for business. Is it legal? I hope not as it would potentially attract the muzzies.

    • I have several within a short drive from my place.

  • Dana Garcia

    More smoking means an earlier death, so if Muz want to congregate and share poison, that’s not all bad.

    • Zaba

      And who is paying for their health care?

      • Waterhorse

        Taxes from cigarette sales. Not a joke.

  • tom_billesley

    I don’t see a problem with Shisha bars as long as they have hidden microphones and video cameras.

  • WalterBannon

    The ban on cigarette smoking in restaurants and public buildings discriminates against western culture, where smoking cigarettes played a historically important role, up until the cultural Marxists decided to erase western culture….

    • Zaba

      Please smoke outside…….

      • jayme

        Can you see the issue when your saying muslims can smoke inside.

        • Zaba

          Did I say anything about smoking inside?

      • gainny

        Oh for god’s sake, can’t smokers have one restaurant, one bar, one coffee shop? Is that too much to ask?

        • Zaba

          Since you had to ask, NO!!

  • Martin B

    Never smoked, never saw any appeal in tobacco products, but I can’t bring myself to be on the same side as the anti-smoking nanny staters. Let the Muzz puff their hookahs till they die of mouth cancer.

  • mauser 98

    Premier Strapon’s racist two tier Ontario exposed again.
    some more equal than others.
    to be really safe make it a lesbian hookah bar,,,,untouchable.
    if a white guy tried this … straight to the slammer.

  • smoko

    Canada will be paying for their cancer treatment.

  • smoko

    As a non smoker, do not submit me to second hand smoke in public areas

    • Waterhorse

      A Court in Washington DC has recently revealed massive conflicts of interest with 3 major anti tobacco activists who were on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry.
      Check this:

      Basically there is NO EVIDENCE of harm from 2nd hand smoke in any major study ever done to date. JUNK SCIENCE has been perpetrated on the scientific community to get people to buy Nicorette and other drug company products. The strategy has worked.

      Also regarding Hookahs and the absolute garbage being hyped by certain groups and media that smoking hookah is like smoking 100 cigarettes – absolute idiocy!
      Water pipes are MUCH less harmful than cigarettes. See below:

      • IASREG

        You should tell them you are a Scientologist to be more transparent.

  • pettifog

    for what it’s worth, the Hookah bars did get closed in Vancouver, though they did receive, as I recall, a 1 or 2 year exemption from the law.

  • Ron MacDonald

    No smoking means no smoking for all.

    • Not for Muslims. Laws don’t apply.

      • Zaba

        Only if we can encourage the moon god to say so…….

  • Jay Currie

    It’s funny how pubs and legions are closing, in part due to the banning of smoking, and this is not seen as a cultural thing. Why would such working class, plebeian, pleasures be protected? After all there is a ton of entirely bogus science saying that second hand smoke will kill you for sure.

  • ontario john

    Just like selling cheap smokes at smoke shacks on whiny indian reserves, are part of there ancient traditions.

  • john s

    Banning smoking in private businesses is BS. I refuse to jump on the bandwagon and rail against these folks. If we stood up on our hind legs more often we would not have the nanny state imposing it’s will on us as much as we do. As far as the ‘who pays for their health care’ argument, well in a nation that forces people to be part of a subsidized health insurance program and refuses to let them get private insurance that argument holds no water. The same argument can be used to prohibit ANY activity the state sees fit to ban.

  • Waterhorse

    You might be interested in this.
    I saw this article as I’m looking at the recent proposed “ban” on hookahs in Toronto.
    Funny how these things seem to coincide with the same stuff in other countries.

    I’m not a smoker but I have an interest in Big Pharma and how they control things.
    Look at this interesting article on the Anti smoking group’s relation to big pharma.
    This applies to hookahs as well.
    The whole concepts of 2nd hand smoke is a scam to promote big pharma’s Nicorette and other nicotine products

    Also look at this guy’s info on the hookahs.
    For example – the hookahs create virtually no 2nd hand smoke and are much less harmful or addictive than cigarettes.
    But the “experts” are saying it’s like smoking 100 cigarettes! Not true.

    • anoni81b4u

      You forgot to tell them that L Ron Hubbard said that not smoking enough will give you lung cancer.
      You also forgot to tell these people you are in a cult .
      You also forgot to tell everyone it is SCIENTOLOGY

      • Waterhorse

        Small minded are we? Or just being a silly anti religion hater.