Gee no one saw this coming… Proposed Toronto Hookah Ban Called Discriminatory Against Middle Eastern Culture

TORONTO — The owner of a Moroccan restaurant says a proposed ban on hookahs would discriminate against his culture, where the smoking devices play an historically important role.

“I would absolutely call it (discrimination),” says Younes Regragui, owner of the Desert Rose Restaurant in Toronto. “In the Middle Eastern community, (the hookah) has been embedded in our culture for centuries. If you sit in a family gathering and if you go to Middle Eastern countries, you’ll find it all over the place.”

The increasingly popular hookahs — also known as water pipes — are used to smoke tobacco or a fruit-flavoured, sometimes tobacco-free substance called shisha. The vapour or smoke passes through a water basin before inhalation.


How much would you like to bet that the Hookah cult is accommodated?

Pic is the ISIS Hookah Lounge in NYC.