Eurotrash lament Canada’s immigration policy slightly less suicidal than before

Canada slips out of top-five countries in integrating immigrants

Canada has dropped out of the top five nations when it comes to integrating immigrants, due to policy changes by Ottawa that restrict family reunification and citizenship.

According to the latest world ranking by a Brussels-based think tank, Canada has slipped from third to sixth place among 38 developed countries in providing migrants access to equal rights, support and opportunity.

Although Canada is still considered a welcoming country for newcomers, amid a global tide of anti-immigrant and anti-terror actions, the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) says Canada’s shift to the right raises questions about its traditions of inclusion.

“It is a cause of concern, one that we need to watch,” said Thomas Huddleston of the Migration Policy Group, lead author of the European Union-funded, peer-reviewed index. Canada’s 2015 MIPEX profile will be released in Toronto on Wednesday.

What a crock. Canada is importing record numbers of immigrants, and still maintains a runaway Temporary Foreign Workers program.

All of it designed to benefit our elites by suppressing wages and used as a wedge to divide and conquer a cowed populace.


  • kkruger71

    These types of rankings are always bullshit. It has nothing to do with policy, just a preemptive push against any right leaning government. The Liberals could have the exact same policies and get praised.
    Lax family reunification rules are arguably the biggest downfall of any immigration policy.

  • Censored_EG

    The more we slip, and the faster we slip, the better for Canada!

  • Clear Thinker

    Can we slip to 199th spot? Isnt that somewhere around equatorial guinea?

  • Martin B

    Family reunification? They can reunite in Pakistan.

    Citizenship? Handing out citizenship like candy does not help immigrants integrate, it encourages them not to.

    • Cheryl

      Yet our government that is full of idiots keep letting them in. Citizenships should not be given out until people have been here at least 15 years minimum and have worked and put into the system for 14 of those years. You are right they can reunite in Pakistan. When will the Canadian people take a stand and organize a government that will represent the Canadians born here and give them a say on how it should be run? I agree, hope we go to the bottom and people do not want to come here, but that is unlikely because Canada gives away too many free incentives and that is what is taking us down.

  • How much “access to equal rights, support and opportunity” are these 3rd world losers granting us, or even their neighboring 3rd world losers, to THEIR nations?

    There should be an oil shortage from all the kleptocrats we peasants are necklacing. You know, to honor their racist, communist patron saint, Nelson Mandela.

    • None, even they don’t want to live in their own countries.

  • Alain

    Everyone before me has covered pretty much what I was going to say except for one thing. The country has no responsibility for the integration of immigrants, that is up to the immigrants. The refusal to integrate, in fact to reject everything their host country stands for, is a major indication of accepting the wrong kind of immigrants/refugees. By the way there is a much, much bigger number of those non integrated types in the EU, so according to their own BS EU members are falling down on the job.

    • The unfortunate thing is that our enemy, government, has made non-integration the desired outcome of the immigration process.

      Multiculturalism ensures that immigrants will not integrate and anyone who dares complain is labelled a racist.

      • Frau Katze

        There’s getting to be a lot of blowback about this enforced “boat people” decree in the EU. The fear of being called a “racist” is wearing off.

        It may have already reached its peak.