Bibi’s Response To Rockets Not Halfhearted Enough – satire

Tel Aviv, May 27 – Opposition leader Isaac Herzog laced into Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu late Tuesday, saying the premier’s muted response to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip was not nearly as lackluster as the situation demanded, and that as prime minister, he would demonstrate a more robustly inadequate answer to the provocation.

Several rockets launched from the Gaza Strip struck rural area of southern Israel Tuesday night, causing no casualties or damage. The Islamic Jihad organization claimed responsibility for the barrage, and experts believe the group seeks to flex its muscles in the aftermath of Iran cutting off funding to the organization, in the hope of burnishing its anti-Israel credentials and attracting popular support that translates into material support from abroad…

…”Bibi has once again shown why he is ill-equipped to be properly ill-equipped to lead,” said Herzog. “A weak, simpering reaction is hardly convincing when it comes from a decorated Special Forces soldier with a deep voice. What this nation needs is a person who projects the manner and voice of a genuine weakling, someone who lacks confidence even in his own vocal cords – in other words, someone like me”…

Note: The part about the rockets is not satire: read about it here.

  • BillyHW

    Speaking of Israel, Michael Coren is going soft on Israel too, now. I guess once you accept gay marriage, abortion, transgenderism etc. you can’t help but fall apart on every issue.

    • Frau Katze

      He’s needs an MSM job.

      • BillyHW

        He’s trying so very hard to get one.

        Of course, there is only one, sure-fire way to get a job in the MSM these days…oh Michael…no, no, say it isn’t so…

  • just a thought

    “Does you satire bite?”

    Satire or not, that piece is sadly and frighteningly true on too many levels, like Bibi’s “No ‘palestinian’ state on my watch, because I oppose it . . . . except when I don’t,” for one.

    Oy, Gevalt!

  • Mickey Oberman

    “– in other words,someone like me”…”
    Are you a soprano, Mr. Herzog?