And now for what’s really important: NDP falls short on ethnic diversity

“Albertans can see themselves reflected in their new government,” Rachel Notley said, as her NDP caucus gathered behind her after its first post-election meeting.

She expressed pride in the nearly 50-50 gender balance of her elected members — nearly half, unprecedented in Alberta government. She said the 20-somethings and 30-somethings on her team better reflects Albertans’ average age.

Behind the incoming premier’s left shoulder stood Thomas Dang, of Chinese descent. On the other side, Nicaragua-born Ricardo Miranda.

Broaden out that tightly framed photograph, however, and the vast majority of what you see is white faces reflecting back at Albertans.

There are seven visible minorities among the New Democrats’ 53 MLAs, and no aboriginal representation. That is down from 13 minorities elected in the last Tory government, and the lowest number since Ralph Klein first won as premier in 1993, along with seven non-Caucasian members…