White Calgary mom hopes community BBQ will stop her family from being ‘racially slurred’

Blair France and her husband moved into Shaganappi Village, a southwest affordable housing complex in November. But the couple says their family, which consists of two girls ages seven and 12, and an eight-month-old son, have been bullied by other children in the neighbourhood. France said there have been instances where scores of children have gathered on her lawn, screaming and throwing rocks at her family’s home.

“They have racially slurred my children,” France said. “They’ve called my children ‘white crackers,’ one boy that I found out called (my daughter) a ‘marshmallow’ and ‘white-skinned people’ and that we’re poor and stuff like that. We’re all in poverty, so we have to all understand that.”

And of course the article quotes folks assuring us it’s not a “racial thing”.

Because why?