Surge in foreign criminals freed to live openly in Britain

Official figures showed the number – including criminals who have gone on the run – soared by a fifth in just a year from 4,247 in the first quarter of 2014 to 5,053 in the same period this year.

Critics said the figures exposed serious failings in the Home Office’s attempts to get on top of immigration.

Data from the Home Office showed the number of foreign national criminals living openly in Britain has increased by a third since the beginning of 2011, when the figure stood at 3,800.

It means there is now a record number of foreign criminals living among the general population.

While many will be in touch with probation officers and the Home Office, hundreds are feared to have fled without trace…

…The experts estimated that one in six foreign criminals released from jail had gone on the run.

Applied to the new figures it would mean about 840 criminals have vanished without trace…


  • Dana Garcia

    Politicians used to swear up and down that the public would be protected from the dangerous foreigners, who would be quickly deported. Funny how that’s worked out.

    • Frau Katze

      It hasn’t worked out anywhere in the West. And it’s just getting worse.

      • Alain

        You are correct, since it is exactly the same problem throughout the West.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Ship them to Syria on a one-way ticket.

  • Linda1000

    Oh, and for criminals Canada, is this what would be called Dr. Feelgood or Dr. Strangelove? Wasn’t there a character in a movie with a similar name?

  • G

    Thanks judges. Don’t worry. You live in secure, upscale gated communities in safe white neighborhoods with alarmed houses and the finest locks tax money can buy and private security. You get priority police response time. You work in fortresses with armed guards right beside you.

    Why in hell would you care if some dangerous offenders are out on the street? Those worries are for the peasants.

  • ed

    if you are an EU citizen no matter what your past criminal record is you have full protected rights under law to travel and remain in any ! EU member country , remember no matter what your crime was [ed uk]