Pakistan: Mob attacks Christian locality in Lahore

A photo from a previous and similar attack, also in Lahore. Source.

LAHORE: Christians living in the Sanda neighbourhood of Lahore fled for their lives as a charged mob attacked their houses after accusing one of their members of defiling the Holy Quran.

The incident took place late Sunday night in the Dhoob Sari area, where hundreds of emotionally charged people from different adjoining areas had converged. The crowd, carrying clubs and ammunition, chanted slogans and hurled abuses at the Christians.

The attackers forced their entry into houses and misbehaved with women as their men had already fled, fearing home invasion.

As police attempted to disperse the attackers, the latter threw rocks at the former, injuring DIG Operations Dr Haider Ashraf and some other cops…

  • just a thought

    I look at that picture and I ask myself, “How can anyone deny the existence of demons?”

  • eMan14

    I’ve seen the picture before. It truly does define the essence of Islamic rapture. But they are not happy or elated by something wonderful… just the wanton destruction of anything they deem offensive.
    The crime? Being accused of a crime. Pathetic savages.

  • Blacksmith

    “The crowd, carrying clubs and ammunition,”
    They were throwing bullets?

    Seriously though these savages need exterminated, there is no moderation or tolerance in pisslam.