Muslima Whose Son Was Pictured Playing With A Severed Head Seeks Return To Australia

Khaled Sharrouf's  son and severed headNotorious Australian Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf’s wife and children, including the son who was photographed holding a severed head, are seeking to return to Australia.

Fairfax Media understands the family of Sharrouf’s wife, Tara Nettleton, is trying to help her and the couple’s five children return to Sydney.

h/t Suze

  • mobuyus

    Let them rot in their stinking fucking hell, or let them back and feed them to the Crocodiles, if these honourable beasts can stomach vile human garbage. This family of parasites is beyond any redemption.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Now go die.
    Even your evil children.

  • Alain

    The last thing Australia or any Western country needs is the return of them and their fellow-travellers.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      But she and her family think there are far to many Australian heads still attached to their necks and her clan needs to come back to remedy this problem.

  • Frau Katze

    She made her bed. Let her lie in it. Some things are just too awful to overlook.

    She’s a disgusting disgrace.

    • She should not have those children any longer.

      • mobuyus

        No one should have those children that play with severed heads and no human lets their children play with and amongst severed heads. The social and psychiatric costs would be in the millions and ongoing to rehabilitate those children and the odds aren’t good that they’d succeed. They made a family decision to move to syria. Syria is where their home is.

        • pdxnag

          If we can’t get 95% of Muslims to declare their apostasy from Islam within 5 years of their presence in a western country then we should not let any in and most certainly not give any of them the right to vote. Their presence is just too costly, dollar wise and culturally.

    • Rosenmops

      She is a lunatic. Should be in an asylum.

  • phuque uguugle

    I don’t own a gun of any kind, but there are times

  • Brett_McS

    Eff off.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Dental Check-up time?

  • Zaba

    The watch on the right wrist: the jihadi way.

  • Dana Garcia

    Australia is fortunate to be an island nation, since most barbarians don’t have access to ocean-going ships. Oz would be crazy nutso the admit the appalling chopper family. They are citizens of Jihadistan, period.

  • glasnost

    I suppose that family has heard how easy it is to get ahead in Australia.

  • Suze

    Show and tell is going to be a lot of fun with the children attending school.
    “Mo bought a head with him to school mom!”

  • BillyHW

    LOL vaginas!

  • cmh

    anyway, these people are australian citizens so they will be brought back at some point…..the burning question in my mind is will they be allowed to bring the head with them????

  • dukestreet

    If the grandparents were so concerned about the children, they should have reported the parents to childrens services and taken custody of them before they were taken out o the country. The fact that the mother has gone over to try and help them come back is suspect.
    None of them should be allowed back into the country. This fact should be well publicized. Parhaps other grandparents will take their grandchildren in so the parents can throw their lives away as they choose, on order to avoid this happening to them. It’s too late now. the kids will already be well indoctrinated and damaged. It would be too dangerous to let any of them in.

    • Millie_Woods

      I think the grandparents should be reunited with their loved ones. Ship them to Syria too.

      • dukestreet

        if you note, I did say none of them should be allowed back in the country and grandparents should protect their grandchildren before they are caught in the middle or radicalized by parental influence.

  • pogo

    The muslim community will treat the boy as an alive living martyr.
    Opposition leader Bill Shorten could not say if the children could return but judging by the his judas personality they’ll be on benifets soon, welfare, free medical care.

    • mobuyus

      Not with a Crocodilian Solution.

    • Islam Is a Crock

      Khaled Sharrouf was on a Disability Pension when he left for Syria, so one can guess that the missus will want a sole parent pension on her return…

  • Hard Little Machine

    We really need to bring back the idea of Devil’s Island.