If you just wait a few years Ontario will qualify as a low cost country…

Jaguar considered Canadian plant before opting for ‘low-cost’ country

Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. officials took a close look at Canada as the location for a new assembly plant – including visiting a potential site in Windsor, Ont. – but the company is now planning to locate the factory in a low-cost country.

The latest failure to land a new auto plant, which would have been an investment by an auto maker not already building vehicles in Canada, stings more than recent decisions by global car companies to locate in Mexico, sources familiar with the Canadian effort said. That’s because Jaguar Land Rover appeared to be seriously considering the Canadian bid, unlike investments in Mexico by Audi AG, BMW AG and Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., where Canada was not on the radar screen.

I suppose rising hydro costs had nuthin to do with it…

Ontario has a low corporate tax rate, our “socialized medicine” used to be considered a competitive advantage to potential employers, we do have a skilled work force.

What could be the problem?  It makes no sense to  give away the farm as Mexico does.