Cloward-Piven redux: Democrats, bikers, shoot-outs

Cloward-Piven is a social populism strategy on steroids. If Labour wants to emulate American politics, this is definitely one to avoid. Meanwhile, some on the U.S. right believe Armageddon looms

The Cloward-Piven Strategy is suddenly getting belated attention in Democrat circles. It originated with two Columbia University Sociologists, Cloward and Piven.

It prescribes a plan of action for the Democratic Party to retain power and to redress the balance of income inequality by enacting welfare legislation and, more effectively, publicizing existing policy so as the poor will begin to use entitlements en masse.

This surge in welfare use will quickly dry up state and local funding for such purposes necessitating them to appeal to the federal government for nation-wide relief. In turn, the government will introduce legislation guaranteeing citizens a minimum annual income.

  • Jay Currie

    Loonies to the left of us, loonies to the right…

    Once again, glad to live in Canada. We have our loons but they are largely only two standard deviations out. Our American cousins seem to start there…plus, the guy writing this article, who is apparently an English Barrister, has several bolts lose himself.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      USA! USA! USA!

    • Put a bowl of dog food out on the front lawn.

      What do you get?

      A lot of dogs.

  • Xavier

    1) The U.S. government is importing illegal aliens and granting them citizenship rights, including the right to vote. Both the right and left are wooing these new voters, and as you’d expect, progressive entitlement programs are highly influential in this low income group.

    2) Progressives are becoming more vocal in calling for a minimum universal income; just yesterday this article – which deserves its own BCF link – ran on Hot Air: A quote: “if we don’t provide ourselves a universal and unconditional basic income soon, the future is going to hit us like a truck”.

    3) The administration has repeatedly ignored the law and the Constitution. Their political enemies have been illegally prosecuted while favored individuals and organizations are allowed to break the law with impunity. Obama has incited division within the country and race relations are at the lowest point in over 50 years – which has resulted in rioting and police assassinations. Whether this results in martial law remains to be seen.

    Those aren’t “looney right” predictions – those are provable facts. It’s impossible to say if the administration is deliberately following Cloward-Piven, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, we might as well call it a duck.

    • Exile1981

      Besides C-P look also at the soviet plans from the 50-60’s on how to pervert american culture. Some days i feel like we are all living in a massive social condituoning experiment and…. oh look a piece of cheese just dropped into my lap.

  • simus1

    The Emperor Barry administration has persecuted the Tea Party who are the enemies of the RINO elites which is somewhat counter intuitive.
    So the question becomes why?
    What was the return favour offered or demanded?

    • Xavier

      The Tea Party was a threat to both progressive candidates and RINOs. Both attacked the Tea Party because both want the status quo in Washington to continue.

      • Exile1981

        I have a good set of pitch forks… anyone know a good source for torches?

  • Reader