Are We Running Out of Time?

In writing about his beloved Cuba, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo asserts that “totalitarianism is as much about tyranny as about [the] manipulation of time.”  He knows only too well how the Castro brothers have destroyed the hopes and dreams of the Cuban people for more than a half century.  And now in a devastating blow and under the guise of rapprochement, Barack Obama continues to support this communist tyranny.  And the Cuban people continue to suffer and weep for true freedom.

While sadly, we Americans continue to squander it.


  • ProgNorth


    It cannot be denied anymore, that the Obama presidency has nothing to do with incompetence, or a series of misguided ‘hopeful schemes’, but a calculated destruction of the Republic, based upon an ingrained hatred of it and the west in general.
    Let’s not lay it solely at Obama’s feet however, but at those who surround him and the larger government ( yes Republicans too ) as well.
    The time was ripe for an Obama type to arise to the role of leader, as the ‘long march through the institutions’ of socialist/communistic ideology, had fundamentally weakened any resolve for, or love of the principles that made the west great.
    Communism backed by military force, was never going to defeat the west, but as Khrushchev understood, the weakening of the capitalist west, would be by incremental steps. It would be destroyed from within and by its own.
    All of our leaders in the west – not to mention the media – are a product of a university system, rampant with Marxist ideology and many, if not most have soaked it up. Those who know the dangers of it, are an increasingly shrinking few, with diminished voices. Put that together with an indoctrinated and/or apathetic populace and the goal of the destruction of the west, seems closer than ever. In fact it seems inevitable.
    Yes the time for Obama was right, but it was the institutions that made it this way. Even if a clear minded leader, who loved all that made western society great were to arise, trying to undo 60 plus years of the ‘Marxist march’, would be a gargantuan ( probably impossible, given the time needed to quell such a thing ) task.
    The west as we have known it, has been in its death throws since the 60’s. Little by little, piece by piece, it has eroded around us, until the structure is beyond repair and condemned.
    At this point, anything short of an all out revolution, and a tearing down of the system, is too little too late and I don’t see the vast majority of the plied populace, ready to wake up and save themselves.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Sadly, it will take another 9/11 to jolt the public out of its anesthetized state.

      • ProgNorth

        I wish I could agree with you, I really do. The first thing the leadership did after 9/11, was to form ranks and shout down any true discussion of Islam. Those who tried to speak clearly, were drowned out by the cacophony of political correction, with the leadership being the most ardent apologists, for the ‘religion of peace’.
        I’m not even sure – God forbid – a nuclear strike in the heart of New York City, would awaken the greater society out of its stupor.
        60 years of indoctrination, cannot be cured by a one time event, but only by years of deprogramming. I fear the will and the time, won’t allow for that on a grand scale. Keep your people close and arm them, so that they have the intellectual fortitude to oppose.
        If need be in the future, they may have to arm themselves more substantially to survive, or at least fight for what they believe in.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          I remember what happened on 9/11, since I was close enough to the attack. The public rallied to the flag and declared “United we stand.” I felt at the time that we would have even accepted a return to the military draft. But then Bush, with his “religion of peace” bullshit, told us to go about our business and let the professionals in government handle this. So we did and the professionals fucked up.

    • Blacksmith

      We are of a mind in this, it will either take a century or more of concerted effort or revolution.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Mark my words, after he is out of power may dirty secrets of the Obama regime will surface, Americans, especially Democrats, will be shocked by the severity of his deception, lies and corruption. It will set the progressive movement back by a decade or more.

    • ProgNorth

      But dirty secrets have been exposed since he arrived on the scene.
      Largely ignored and scoffed at, by the media and the public at large, they have fallen on deaf ears.
      Any who do try and sound the alarm are ridiculed as ‘birthers’, ‘deniers’, ‘racists’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’.
      Mind the talking points of the Republican establishment thinkers and talking heads. The company line is unanimously, that Obama is naive, ignorant or apathetic. They won’t even touch on the truth of the matter, for fear of being shamed and shunted into obscurity and irrelevance.
      We are steeped in falsehood and illusion and most seem only too content to remain there. Obama will thankfully be gone in time. His replacement will climb upon the same Leviathan however, to become the overseer of its consumption of liberty.
      It’s too big to stop now.