After Ramadi, Canada should question U.S. strategy to defeat IS

“And so, the fall of Ramadi must make all coalition members review the current strategy. As for Canada, if changes are not in the offing, it may be better just to come back home in full awareness that in doing so, we would be permitting one of the most gruesome regimes in recent history to exist.”


We should come home.

All Islamic states are terror regimes.

Our erstwhile allies like Saudi Arabia have exported Wahhabism and funded terror world wide.

All Muslim nations persecute their religious and ethnic minorities, it is the Islamic way.

ISIS may be more extreme but at least they are honest about it.

Unlike our political class who refuse to acknowledge Islam’s bloody nature in their quest for votes.

  • Petey

    It’s going to be the Third World War. And it will be nothing like we ever imagined it will be.

    Such is the nature of the human grasp on history.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Canada needs to bail on it and leave Obama to his own failure.

    • ntt1

      Are you sure bambam sees it as failure?

      • Hard Little Machine

        No, but so what. In a generation he will go down in history as the US President with a genocide on his hands.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Why wait a generation?

    • Obama will let the Christians and Yazidis die.

      I’m sick of letting that white douchebag have his way all the time.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Throwing away good after bad is in nobody’s interest. If we are unprepared to demand the enemy’s unconditional surrender, we have nothing to gain getting involved.

  • Waffle

    Time to re-read Barbara Tuchman’s March of Folly — with all its flaws.

    • Frau Katze

      And read this, “Why Arabs Lose Wars”

      • Waffle


        Subject: Re: Comment on After Ramadi, Canada should question U.S. strategy to defeat IS

        • Frau Katze

          It’s old but might make a good post. A reminder.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Wishful thinking.
    Perhaps Canada, one of the few countries not yet being suffocated by Muslim immigration might, together with those very few still in our relatively free condition, lead the rest of the world in the absolutely inevitable onslaught against Islam.

    Each new war is more unbelievably horrible than all prior wars. The next will be no abstainer from that bloody pattern.

    The time to respond is now, not when the Muslim aggressors have won even more victories and territories and millions more cadres of suicidal maniacs.

  • ntt1

    War with Islam is inevitable ,barring westerners total submission into dhimi status.and that would be cause for civil war at the least. This is not the time or place .If we want to once again defeat fascism ,we must wage total war
    Not only against Islam but its supporters here in the west including academics and politicians.Until that day arrives ,we
    Should withdraw and start preparing for the coming very real

    • Alain

      Even so it must begin with cleaning house at home before anything else.

  • Then original populations and their marks on history are gone.


    I’m tired of letting inbred savages Win.

    Bomb them all.

  • Clear Thinker

    I am of the opinion that a war crime according to the photograph, will be committed shortly. Keeping that in mind, there are no laws of war when dealing with muslim armies as they are illegally constituted under the Geneva Conventions. We can take full rain of death upon them with everything in our arsenal of freedom. We should do so. Start with a few daisy cutters, expand to area denial ordnance, then kill them where they live and sleep. We only have one true ally in the Middle East, but even they dont trust the US to get the job done. If there was ever a time for a Crusade, this is it, the good news would be we dont have to defend Jerusalem, it already is.

  • William H. Depperman

    Materialist Analysis of the
    USA Partition of IRAQ using ISIS

    SAVAGES –the So-Called “Islamic
    State of Iraq and Syria:”



    It is a Law of Military Science
    that Air Power alone

    Can NEVER EVER defeat an
    Organized Enemy!

    Only Overwhelming Ground
    Forces can Defeat an Enemy!

    Deliberate CIA Big Lie
    Low-Ball Estimate of “31,000 ISIS” was a Cover-Up of the Recent ISIS Build-Up
    to “At least 200,000 ISIS…Controlling an Area Size of UK!” (The Independent,
    Nov 16, 2014) The USA Bombing Campaign
    of ISIS is Carried out to Falsely Disassociate ISIS from its USA Creator and

    The USA CIA and Military trained Hundreds of ISIS Members in Jordan in

    Media Covers up Astronomical
    Growth of ISIS! Some analysts estimate ISIS: 300,000!

    How USA arms ISIS: May 23-24, 2015 USA told Iraq to
    withdraw its Army from Ramadi And Leave ALL weapons! On June 22-23, 2014 USA
    directly Overrode Maliki and Ordered Withdrawal of All Iraqi Forces in Northern
    Iraq but to leave all weapons! False accusations Of cowardice of Iraqi troops
    laughably denied by Iraqi PM who understands the routine!

    March 17, 2015 Claim that
    Origin of ISIS was an “Unintended Consequence” of 2003 USA-Bush Iraq Invasion
    is just another Big Lie! USA Recruited and Organized ISIS!

    ISIS was NOT
    created by “Meddling of Western Countries” nor “a Direct Result Of Western
    Adventurism” As falsely alleged by fake “opposition” Wikileaks Julian
    Assange trying to FUZZ issue for USA! Assange Mentions that “Israel supported
    Hamas in 1970s and 1980s against Arafat’s PLO, but fails to mention that The
    USA has long supported Islamic Fundamentalism against Nationalist and Communist
    groups, i.e. in 1979 USA supported Khoumeini
    when it appeared that People’s Fedayeen might take power and ally with The USSR
    with all that oil! And later in 1980’s the USA supported Afghan Fundamentalists
    against USSR!

    ISIS was created by the
    United States to Partition Iraq and Syria, to try to Overthrow Assad & has
    been Built, Armed And is being Prepared for a USA Proxy Invasion of Iran!

    On May 17-2015 USA turned
    over Ramadi and Palmyra to ISIS
    effectively partitioning Iraq—USA Goal since 2003! USA supports ISIS
    Destruction of ALL Iraq Historical Sites Like USA oversaw destruction of
    majority of Antiquities in Iraq National Museum in 2004!

    Destruction of Historical
    Records is Very Important in Subjugating a State after Invasion!

    On Mar 17, 2015 UN Sec Co
    reported ISIS attempting to replace Taliban in Afghanistan Threatening to
    spread Radical Islam further to the North and other Central Asian States!

    USA Big Lies to the Contrary
    are Designed to Guarantee that USA will be able to Continue

    To Build ISIS with Money, Heavy Weapons & help Organizing to carry out
    USA Objectives!

    Given this
    Reality, Obama’s “revelations” on how USA intended to retake Mosul etc were
    totally Irrelevant!

    Given this Reality of ISIS,
    the USA “New Approach of Establishing a ‘New Military Base in Anbar Province’
    and ‘sending 450 new Military Trainers to Focus on Retaking Ramadi in a Lengthy
    Campaign to also retake Mosul lasting until 2016,’” Demonstrates the Complete
    Contempt USA Capitalist Dictatorship has for the entire world. (See: NY
    Times, 6/10/2015)

    ISIS Could Easily be
    Eliminated Militarily in Two Months!

    If Iran Were to Implement
    and Fully Honor its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria And Combined with Hezbollah Forces that
    would provide the Overwhelming Military Force Required to Surround and EASILY
    Defeat and Annihilate ISIS in Under Two Months! But The Russian Foreign
    Minister Sergei Lavrov, whose Words & Actions Reveal him to be an American
    Agent in Place (“Not a “Double Agent”) Maliciously Misadvises both Iran and
    Syria NOT to honor their 2005 Mutual Defense Pact! Only Overwhelming Military
    Force can defeat ISIS! That is a Law of Military Science! The So-Called
    “Nuclear Deals” are used PURELY to string Iran along with false promises!

    Why Obama Regime is
    Desperate for US Congress to support Iran Nuke Treaty:

    Nuke Treaty, End Sanctions Promise
    & Terror list removal insures Iran will Not implement Iran-Syrian 2005
    Mutual Defense Pact and unite with Hezbollah & Houthis to Destroy ISIS!


    Most Iran Sanctions will
    remain PERMANENTLY after any “USA/Iran Nuclear Deal” because 1.) USA
    wants to Invade/Overthrow Iran NEXT it hopes by using ISIS/ISIL as its
    mercenary proxy Jihadist battering ram! There is NO “Question Of Trust with
    Iran!” 2.) The fictitious “Iran Nuclear Weapons Program” is the False Pretext
    USA is using to Build FIRST STRIKE THREAT so-called “Missile

    Shield” to try to force a Second
    Russian Surrender. The USA Knows Iran has NO Nuclear Weapons Program!
    “Israel’s” Protest Against “Nuke Deal” is Done to Try to Legitimize it and Hide
    the Fact that Iran gets NOTHING while Complying 100% with USA Demands
    & Deserting Syria as it sets itself up for ISIS Invasion!

    Proof: On April 8, 2015 EU
    Restored Sanctions on Iranian Bank & 32 Shipping Companies!

    On April 9 USA “Warned
    sanctions would be removed only gradually,” as Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah
    Ali Khamenei demanded that all sanctions be lifted with Final Agreement!

    Iran’s only hope is to deal
    from a position of strength, not as supplicant by Fully Honoring Iran’s 2005
    Mutual Defense Pact with Syria and combining with Hezbollah to destroy

    Sanctions can not be permitted to be a factor in implementing 200 Mutual
    Defense Pact!

    PUTTING YEMEN in Context of USA
    Strategy of Divide and Conquer & Chaos:

    Once again on April 14,
    2015, as in the 2011 Libya UN Vote for a “No-Fly Zone,”

    Which destroyed ALL
    Libyan infrastructure & turned Libya over to America &

    Sharia, USA Agent Sergei
    Lavrov Russian Foreign Minister (!), voted “Abstain,” Meaning YES in
    UN Security Council for Yemen Arms Embargo giving Green Light to Saudi
    (USA)-organized Air Strikes to try to CRUSH overwhelmingly Popular Houthi
    Liberation of Yemen from USA Dictatorship and to Totally Destroy as much Yemeni
    Infrastructure as possible just like in Libya & Syria in Order to Generate
    Divide and Conquer, Total Fragmentation and Chaos! USA is Using the Houthi
    Takeover in Yemen, which threw out USA-orchestrated “Arab Spring” Puppet Hadi,
    as Pretext for Military Confrontation to try to Set ALL Sunni Islamic States
    against ALL Shiite Islamic States in the ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST! USA counts on its
    Agent Sergei Lavrov to keep the Shiites Dysfunctional! The USA has directed its
    Proxy Saudi Arabia to Organize 10 USA-Puppet Sunni States in No-Fly Zone
    “Coalition” to Bomb Yemen flat and have sent ISIS to try To Destroy Very
    Popular Iran-backed Houthi Shiite Movement now controlling Major Cities in
    Southern Yemen & to generate chaos and destruction in Yemen!

    The Houthis threaten ISIS,
    Al Qaeda and Al Nusra Front, the USA mercenary Proxy Jihadists all recruited
    and organized by the USA & its Puppets to try to Overthrow Ba’ath Socialist
    Syria & later Iran! On April 25, 2015 the USA Directed their Proxy ISIS to
    invade Yemen revealing the ISIS Alliance with USA, Saudis and Imperialist
    divide & conquer objectives! Full Implementation of 2005 Mutual Defense
    Pact by Iran & Syria Supported by Hezbollah and Houthis can Easily provide
    the Overwhelming Ground Force required to decisively defeat ISIS!

    This is the Potential role
    of the Houthis! But Russia’s Sergei Lavrov in Practice Supports virtually all
    USA moves in the Middle East, the Ukraine & Worldwide And deliberately
    Misadvises & sabotages the Best Interests of the entire Mideast!

    Obama Regime is Desperate
    for US Congress to support Iran Nuke Treaty:

    Nuke Treaty, Sanctions
    “Promise” & Terror List removal insures Iran will Not implement Iran-Syrian
    2005 Mutual Defense Pact and unite with Hezbollah & Houthis to Destroy

    “Bombing ISIS in Syria”
    is Also a USA Pretext to

    Bomb Syria and Implement a
    No-Fly Zone in Syria

    And Falsely Disassociate
    USA from its own creation: ISIS!

    On October 8 USA Announced
    that it already imposed a No-Fly Zone in Syria (NYT)!

    On Dec 7, 2014 USA
    authorized its Proxy Israel to Bomb Syria in alliance with ISIS!

    The Overall USA Purpose in
    Creating and Unleashing ISIS is to Create Ultimate Divide and Conquer-Total
    Fragmentation & chaos in Mideast!

    Failure of USA-orchestrated
    “Arab Spring” Middle East Regime Change Gambit

    Changed USA Objective to
    total Destruction & Chaos as in Libya, Syria, Gaza and Wherever the USA
    cannot impose a USA-subjugated, Comprador Puppet Regime!

    The USA-controlled World
    Media Prettifies and Downplays their depraved ISIS Savages labeling them
    merely: “Militants,” “Rebels,” “Fighters,” or “Extremists,”

    While turning over their
    Internet & Social Media to build and popularize ISIS!

    Snowden revealed that
    NSA/CIA totally controls Internet, blocking non-machine Generated “comments”
    while permitting USA-Proxy ISIS complete run of Internet

    USA Dictatorship is also
    using ISIS as a pretext to ratchet up “War on Terror” Worldwide!

    The “War on Terror” is the
    pretext to maintain capitalism in its Final Stage:

    Permanent War and State

    ISIS & the Biowarfare
    Ebola Epidemic are Being

    Used to Generate a Mass
    Psychology of Crisis

    In order to Intimidate and
    Infantalize the Masses as a Weapon of Psychological Warfare to try to
    Manipulate the Masses to look to The USA-led World Capitalist Dictatorship for
    their Salvation!

    The USA is attempting to
    Orchestrate another Coup D’etat in Hong Kong With Same formula: Fake
    “Democracy” slogans, Occupation of Buildings! People’s Republic of China
    responds by supporting Organized Opposition!

    Note that China did this,
    but Russia—Sergei Lavrov—refused to organize against the Coup

    D’etat despite fact that Feb 21 Coup
    D’etat was opposed by the majority of the Ukraine!!!

    It is a Law of Military
    Science that Air Power alone

    Can NEVER EVER defeat an
    Organized Enemy!

    Only Overwhelming Ground
    Forces can Defeat an Enemy!

    ISIS can ONLY be defeated
    MILITARILY! The American Claim to the Opposite and that “ISIS Members primarily
    need JOB OPPORTUNITIES” (BBC, Feb 17, 2015) is deliberately &
    Clumsily misleading false propaganda demonstrating the Total Contempt the USA
    has for The Intelligence and lack of organization of its own Subject Population
    & the Entire World! Such lies hide the Fact that USA Created ISIS & has
    Long-Term, Big-Time Plans for ISIS! The USA Hides the fact that Many
    ISIS Members LEFT decent jobs to be recruited by the USA and Its Arabic
    Allies in the Middle East to “Come to Syria the Center of World Jihad!”

    UNDERLYING ALL EVENTS is the MECHANISM of the Capitalists’
    so-called “War on Terror”—A CONTINUOUS CYCLE of PROVOCATION followed by
    RETALIATION—Designed to Generate a Mass Psychology of Crisis, where the Islamic
    Religion is attacked Systematically and persistently and Deliberately, Provoked
    and Manipulated on a continual Basis in order to illicit Violent, Non-Focused
    retaliation from Islamic Fundamentalists, who Know only Religion and do not Understand
    manipulative capitalist statecraft! The “War on Terror” is the capitalists
    Contrived response, which is used in turn as the fraudulent pretext To maintain
    Capitalism in its Final Stage—Permanent War and State Terrorism!

    During USA Bombing Campaigns
    ISIS reduces Casualties by simply Dispersing into the General population and
    reducing Cell Phone use, while USA Recruits nearly 300,000 ISIS!

    The Claim: “ISIS is
    Significantly Damaged,” by Johnny Kerry (BBC Dec 3, 2014) was False!

    As was the Nov 15, 2014
    claim by USA Gen. Dempsey: “Momentum is turning against ISIS!” But Dempsey claim: “the
    battle against them was likely to take years” reveals USA Strategy!

    USA-Obama Deployment of 1,500 Trainers (!) to Iraq is
    Simply Going Through the Motions While allowing time for ISIS to build its
    Numbers to carry out Objectives of its USA master!

    ISIS Closes in “One Mile
    from Baghdad” (Daily Mail, Oct 1) as USA hands one-third of Iraq To ISIS
    letting ISIS retain control of many oil fields to help fund its newest Jihadist

    Afghanistan Heroin
    production increased 4000% after USA Invasion while UN documents Prove ISIS is
    funded by and controls 100% of (USA generated) Drug Trafficking through Iraq
    into Africa and into EU! Funding of ISIS plus USA Objective of “Total
    Fragmentation and Chaos” in places it can not control is increased by
    blacklisting Russian Anti-Drug Chief!

    In addition, USA and its ME
    Allies are apparently assisting ISIS selling organs “harvested” From hundreds
    of ISIS prisoners before they’re slaughtered & thrown into mass graves! RT

    On September 17, USA VP
    Biden stated that USA Ground Troops “Were Not Needed!”

    On Oct 7, Leon Panetta
    stated “USA War against Islamic Jihadists will last 30 Years!”

    The USA has Total Contempt
    for Intelligence of its own General Population To ORGANIZE itself Against the
    Hardening USA Capitalist Dictatorship!

    USA Air Strikes have
    virtually NO Effect on ISIS Advancing on All Fronts!

    Temporary Retreat of ISIS in
    Kobani and elsewhere was impossible without Ground Forces! Both USA
    Puppets Turkey & Iraq stalled Kurdish Ground Forces from traveling to

    Press TV (IRAN) Serena Shim
    was murdered by Turkish Intelligence on Oct 20 for footage And reports of ISIS
    entering Kobani through Turkish border in USA NGO Trucks! (RT)

    The so-called “Degrade
    ISIS,” the first part of OBAMA’s Phony Plan

    To “Destroy ISIS” is
    designed to LAST INDEFINITELY! Sole “owner” Of the Middle East, the USA,
    “Informed” Syria that the “ISIS Bombing Campaign could take Three Years!”
    Though denying it in words Russia Actively fully supports USA “ISIS Plan” in
    Practice by warning IRAN & Syria not to FULLY IMPLEMENT their
    2005 Mutual Defense Pact,

    While USA bombing campaign
    assists ISIS to kill hundreds of Syrians!

    USA Puppets, so-called
    “anti-ISIS coalition agree to Long-Term Campaign!”(RT, 10/15/2015)

    Lavrov’s RT Nov 26
    “criticism” of USA for “Using terrorists for regime change in Syria” is only

    False Disassociation from
    his USA Master & comes 4 years after USA began Syrian Proxy War!

    Lavrov openly boasts “Russia
    will keep (mis)Advising

    Syria and other countries”
    in the Middle East!!!!!

    The USA cannot send its OWN
    Army to Invade Any More Countries because

    Twenty Percent (20%) Come
    Back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Mental Illness! USA-Led
    World Capitalism now uses Invasion by Proxy

    Preferentially Recruiting
    Jihadist Savages in Syria and NAZIS in the Ukraine!

    The issue is not whether or
    not the USA is “at war” with ISIS! The USA Created ISIS!

    A new Cover-Up version is the false “BAM Admission” that he
    “Underestimated” and was “Caught off guard” by ISIS (!),” with the “admission” supposedly revealing
    “the truth!”

    Another highly-contrived but easily discredited
    explanation being passed off by the USA Fake “left” is: The USA Created another
    Frankenstein which it just cannot seem to Control!

    In order to Cover Up fact
    that “ISIS/ISIL/IS” is a USA CREATION, the USA-Trained ISIS Leadership has been
    Directed to Falsely Disassociate itself from its USA-MASTER e.g. by
    Making threats against Obama & Americans whom it is directed to BEHEAD on

    False Pentagon Claim: “there
    is No military solution” indicates USA intends to perpetuate ISIS!

    The USA, Saudi Arabia &
    Qatar have Funded, Armed and Trained the Jihadist

    to carry out long-planned attempted Partition Of Iraq & Syria and combined
    attempt to Overthrow Assad and Invade Iran! The USA is using the ISIS
    threat to Ratchet-Up the “War On Terror” and Harden their Capitalist
    Dictatorship Domestically & Worldwide! The USA turned over all Bank
    Deposits to ISIS in Mosul, Etc.! ISIS has been permitted to “Control Oilfields”
    & “Smuggle and SELL Crude Oil (!),” which served as the False Pretext to
    Bomb Syrian Oilfields to total Destruction rather than send in Ground Troops to
    Annihilate ISIS & not destroy Syria Infrastructure! But ISIS is also
    Allowed to continue to control many IRAQI Oilfields!

    Obviously the USA is NOT
    targeting ISIS but Syria, Iraq and Iran!

    The USA carried out a Coup
    D’etat—just like in the Ukraine—to oust Maliki Who Opposed using ISIS to
    Partition Iraq & Syria and Plans to Invade Iran!

    Al-Abadi even blocked
    Kurdish fighters from traveling to Kobani to fight ISIS!

    Overwhelming Force is Required to Defeat and Annihilate ISIS not Tiny

    Forces backed by USA Helicopters”–the
    Latest Phony USA Offering-April 2015!

    The Phony USA “Declaration
    of War” against ISIS and “order to kill ISIS

    Leaders” was Designed to
    Cover Up the Fact that the USA created ISIS, but

    Will NOT put Overwhelming
    Force on Ground—Required to destroy ISIS!

    The Russian Federation
    Covers up this reality, while turning over the Mideast to the USA while
    revealing that ISIS leadership is controlled

    Directly by “NATO (USA)”
    & threatened Russia’s territorial integrity! (RT)

    Chechen Leader Ramzan
    Kadyrov revealed ISIS Chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was directly recruited by Gen.
    David Petreaus, former USA CIA director! (RT)

    At UN General Assembly Obama
    & Lavrov worked together like hand in Glove, While Lavrov covers up USA
    Ebola Biowarfare & USA Malaysian Shootdown!

    Hilarious Pretext Proffered
    for NOT Putting Boots on the Ground is that Obama

    Is Afraid of the
    (NONEXISTENT!) “Anti-War Movement” and/or “Sentiment!”


    is WHY the USA, NATO, UK and Russia have NO INTENTION of seriously Confronting
    ISIS on the ground OR Allowing any Other Country Which is NOT a
    USA Puppet to Put “Boots on the Ground” against ISIS!!! THAT was the Reason
    that Both USA and Saudi Arabia threatened Iran to “Leave ISIS Alone!” The USA
    Air Strikes in Iraq & Syria are used to Falsely Disassociate USA
    from ISIS! Even the Bombing ISIS to “Save Yazidis” was halted because it was
    prematurely degrading ISIS’ Military Capability prior to the enormous expansion
    of ISIS! Make No Mistake: The USA is The Organizer, Paymaster And LORD
    PROTECTOR of ISIS/ISIL/IS! By August 27, 2014 ISIS, now approaching 300,000
    (!), had Recruited, Fully Armed and Trained an ARMY of 100,000 with 50,000
    centered in Syria With advanced USA weapons from Iraq (Aug 19, Aljazeera)
    “New” false CIA figure of “31,000 ISIS” is an attempt to reverse the previous
    Strategy of overestimating numbers for The Purpose of intimidation! Revelation
    of “more than 200,000 ISIS” approaching 300,000 confirms all the USA Objectives
    described herein! Iran’s Boots on the Ground coordinated with Syria Forces
    & Hezbollah could Easily and Quickly Surround and Totally Annihilate USA
    Proxy ISIS! But Iran and Syria do what Russia (Lavrov) tells them! Lavrov’s actions
    define him as A USA Agent in Place! Do Not be Fooled by Sergei Lavrov’s attempt
    to Falsely Disassociate Russia from USA Mideast Objectives! ISIS can be
    compared to an Army of Criminally Insane Mass Murderers and Must be Completely
    Annihilated! This cannot and will not be done by their creator the USA! Note:
    “Anti-Islam” Ad Campaign on NYC Buses & Subways is deliberately Designed to
    Manipulate & Motivate Crazed Islamic Fundamentalists to Generate Domestic
    Terrorist Incidents and foment Divide and Conquer which serves to Perpetuate
    the “War on Terror!”

    The supposed “Expanded Obama
    Air Strike Campaign” against ISIS is a FRAUD on Every Level! It is a Law of
    Military Science that Air Power alone can NEVER EVER defeat an Organized Enemy!
    ISIS is growing far faster than any bombing campaign, which is being Used
    primarily to Falsely Disassociate ISIS from its USA Master and also to
    guarantee the Continued Existence of ISIS in order to help perpetuate the
    so-called “War on Terror,” Which is the pretext used to maintain
    Capitalism in its Final Stage: Permanent War and State Terrorism! Republicans
    initially opposed an “Expanded Campaign” on a fraudulent “Anti-War”
    basis in order to Discredit by Source ANY war against ISIS! The
    Majority of Congress receives money from “Israel,” knows the deal and supports
    the Planned Invasion Of Iran as an Extension of the USA Jihadist Proxy Invasion
    of Syria! Congress Majority Now Supports Obama Regime’s “No Safe Haven” pretext
    for a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria!

    Note: USA Falsely Disassociates
    from its Proxy Puppet “Israeli” Entity on a Continuous

    Basis to try to Pretend that so-called “Israel” is “Independent” and

    For Example, in 1967 the USA authorized “Israel” to attack the U.S.S.
    Liberty sacrificing the Lives of 34

    U.S. Sailors in
    order to falsely portray “Israel” as “Uncontrollable!” Iran can attain a Position
    of Strength ONLY by helping to defeat the USA-Jihadist Invasion of
    Syria by fully Honoring 2005 Mutual Defense Pact!

    “Bombing ISIS in Syria”
    is also a USA pretext to implement a No-Fly Zone in Syria!

    The USA has Quickly begun to
    turn “Bombing of ISIS in Syria” into a USA “No-Fly Zone” Against Syria to
    Degrade and Destroy the Syrian Air Force, OIL installations, Infrastructure
    & mass murder Syrians to directly further their Four-Year USA Jihadist
    Proxy Invasion! The USA is using Tomahawk Cruise Missiles in addition to
    Fighter and Bomber Jets NOT to “Bomb ISIS” primarily, but to Switch
    Targets to Syrian Air Force and Infrastructure! USA Threatened a 90-Day Cruise
    Missile Attack of Syria in 2013 after USA itself carried out the Aug 21,
    2013 SARIN Gas Attack-Provocation in Syria! Assad had NO MOTIVE
    whatsoever To use poison gas against his own people! But the USA DID
    Have a MOTIVE—creation of a False Pretext to impose a “No-Fly Zone!” “Bombing
    of ISIS in Syria,” the new false pretext Will Undoubtedly also be used to Bomb
    Syrian Forces and to provide Reconnaissance Information to the USA-Mercenary
    Jihadists as usual! Civilians are already being targeted! Note: USA and Its
    Puppets (even Russia !) effectively now falsely attribute STATEHOOD
    to USA-Trained ISIS SAVAGES despite Obama’s & Russian prime time denials by
    Continuing to use “IS” designation! USA attributes “statehood” to ISIS to give
    it long-term credibility!

    USA Refuses to Recognize
    Syria as a State but DOES recognize so-called “Islamic State!”

    The U.S. Government—Meaning the U.S. Capitalist Dictatorship—



    Capitalism Will Get Rid of US!