Two activists chain themselves to Shell ship in Seattle to protest Arctic drilling… but one already asked for help getting down

Two protesters chained themselves to an Arctic oil-drilling support ship parked north of Seattle this weekend, and one left the vessel in less than 24 hours.

The Coast Guard reports that protester Matt Fuller requested help getting down from the Arctic Challenger in Bellingham Bay about 4.30am on Sunday. A student activist identified as Chiara D’Angelo remains on the ship.

The ship is part of a fleet Royal Dutch Shell plans to use to conduct exploratory drilling in the Chukchi Sea off northwestern Alaska this summer…

  • R_of_the_H

    Show some dedication. Can’t use those carbon imprint machines rescue this guy

  • The Goat

    Drop anchor.

    • Canadian


  • Xavier

    Chiara D’Angelo? Isn’t that racist?

  • QiPo

    Haul anchor. Those greaseballs will make good winch lube.

    • Blacksmith

      I heard patchouli oil is a really effective lubricant and rust inhibitor……

  • DD_Austin

    Every ship pays for it’s docking berth. Shell should send the US government a bill for any delays, it’s their responsibility to secure the dockyard from smugglers, terrorists and protesters. The US government should bill the “protesters” for all costs incurred, coast guard, legal, and Shell’s payment. As well as trespassing and break and enter.

    Then we could see a new headline

    “Protesters wages garnished for the rest of their lives, to paid for anchor stunt”

    It’s unfair of the IRS said protester Matt fuller from his jail cell, charging interest
    on my debts………………bah bah more leftist MSM emotional crap…. they won’t
    let me declare bankrupty….heartless…never pay it off….

  • Seattle – the home of liberal, know it all, fruitcakes.

    • UCSPanther

      It’s also funny how when one goes west just slightly, the leftist fruitcakes give away to redneck loggers, ranchers and miners.

      If voting power was based on land area rather than population, those leftists would find themselves trapped between the hillbilly realm and the sea…

  • Canadian

    Just drop anchor!

    • Jay Currie

      About twenty feet ought to do it.

      • Canadian

        More pollution.

        • tom_billesley

          Sharks are great recyclers.

          • Canadian

            Sharks have taste too!

  • Alain

    How brave to do this in Seattle instead of in the Arctic. Polar bears get hungry this time of year in the Arctic and would be happy to welcome them.