Jihadi Threat Requires Move Into ‘Private Space’ Of Muslims, Says UK’s Senior Muslim Police Chief

Britain’s most senior Muslim officer says potency of Islamist propaganda means some five-year-olds believe Christmas is forbidden

Islamist propaganda is so potent it is influencing children as young as five and should be countered with intensified monitoring to detect the earliest signs of anti-western sentiment, Britain’s most senior Muslim police chief has warned.

Scotland Yard commander Mak Chishty said children aged five had voiced opposition to marking Christmas, branding it as “haram” – forbidden by Islam. He also warned that there was no end in sight to the parade of British Muslims, some 700 so far, being lured from their bedrooms to Syria by Islamic State (Isis) propaganda.

UK children read child's version of Koran

UK children reading child’s version of Koran

  • Islamic brainwashing begins soon after birth. Enough Muslim children are brainwashed so to produce enough jihadis to create Islam’s unseen phantom army.

    It is this unseen phantom army that kills, Charlie Hebdo staffers, Theo Van Gogh, and shoots up draw Mohammad cartoon contests.

    It creates enough of these unseen jihadis to coagulate into ISIS, and other terror groups.

    Read how it works at: http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspot.com/

    • Our problem is that the Liberal-left does not know what it is up against.

      • Doug Kursk

        …or it does, in which case they are even more duplicitous and traitorous than most people suspect.

        • Petey

          I’ve suspected. I just can’t believe it.

          And in time past, “Say, those smoke stacks are really churning out the smoke today …”

      • I have a Liberal-left family, where all of them are public school educators. They are simply brainwashed with leftist, multicultural, BS.

        The first time I made a critical statement about Obama, a family member told me I couldn’t criticize him. I asked why. She said that made me a racist.

        At family events I have to endure a large Obama poster that makes him look like the Messiah.

        One time while talking about a, recently in the news, murderous Islamic terror attack, another family member barked back at me, “it’s just like the Christians”.

        The liberal-left clearly has some characteristics of a cult. As long as they continue to stop discussion on issues they disagree on, it is hard to separate the liberal-left from a cult.

  • Martin B

    Jihadi Threat Requires Ban On Muslim Immigration.

    When you see that headline, that’s when you’ll know they’re finally getting serious about the problem.

    • Petey

      And then deport, deport, deport, deport.

      • Dana Garcia

        Islam can’t be fixed so it must be quarantined. Lucky for them dar al-Islam has plenty of acreage.

  • J. C.

    Kick the bastards out and don’t let any more in… Problem solved!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If “there is no end in sight to the parade of British Muslims” lured to Syria, then give them the bum’s rush and expedite their departure.