Italian migrant centre scam exposed

Naples prosecutors say €2 million (£1.4 million) destined to provide migrants in Italy with basic services instead went to a couple managing reception centres.

According to their website, the non-profit has more than 100 operative seats.

Prosecutors allege the couple swindled the sum by falsifying numbers of migrants it was hosting, but also by skimming money destined to provide services for those actually present.

Finance police say they used the money to buy real estate in Milan and Pozzuoli as well as a mobile recharge business. They had billed €345,000 for operations never carried out, and were allegedly found with €130,000 in cash. €6,000 earmarked for migrants was spent on stadium tickets for the Napoli-Chelsea Champions League match in 2012.

The arrests came as the two were preparing to flee to Montenegro, authorities said. Several civil protection functionaries, employees of the Campania region and a priest in the nearby Salerno region, are also under investigation…

This is not the first story I have read about natives of their countries benefitting financially from illegal mass immigration.  

I have read of several cases in the UK.  Renting out property is a favourite, with the government picking up the tab. These people are traitors, even if they do not technically violate the law.