Hydro One accused of deceit in damning Ombudsman report

“Hydro One lost sight of its public interest purpose and failed to adequately consider the impact of its customers,” he stated. “Its overconfidence in its technical superiority fostered complacency. It forgot to consider the consequences to its customers.”

Worse yet, he said, as the billing “crisis” continued, Hydro One “deliberately kept the situation under wraps . . . even deceiving the electricity regulator, my office and other stakeholders about the extent and nature of the company’s billing and customer service disaster.”

  • ontario john

    He must be homophobic.

  • ontario john

    Premier (I’m a lesbian and that’s all that matters) Wynne is too busy to worry about mundane stuff like that. She is busy opening another building at the museum of islamic propaganda in Toronto today. After islam destroys all museums and cultural sites around the world I guess it will be the only one left.

  • Petey

    Oh those pesky consequences and all that real world sort of stuff. What do they think we are, the private sector?

  • mauser 98

    Premier Strapon “hopes” hydro rates will not go up

  • Waffle

    “Marin used the damning report to bolster the argument that the Wynne government should preserve independent oversight of Hydro One once it is partially privatized. The Liberal government says it has plans to sell off 60 per cent.”

    Now, where it get really interesting is that the CEO is a Carmine Marcello. Little bells started going off, and I wondered if he could be any relation to Rocco Marcello, former vice-chairman of the TSX Board of Governors and a big wig in the brokerage world. And I was wondering how the whores of Bay Street were going to spin this POS to the gullible public. Silly me. It’s a done deal.

  • In a way, this report is pointless because nothing will get done about it.