China busts 181 ‘terror’ gangs in year-long crackdown in Muslim region

BEIJING: A “strike hard” campaign against what China calls terrorism in the largely Muslim region of Xinjiang and beyond has seen 181 gangs busted, authorities said Monday, a year after the controversial measures were launched.

Rights groups have labelled the crackdown discriminatory, raising further concerns after Beijing announced in January the measures would be extended until at least the end of 2015.

Authorities launched the campaign after 39 people were killed last May in a bloody market attack which was blamed on separatists in Urumqi, the capital of the vast, north-western region of Xinjiang.

  • China leads the way, in the fight against the Islamic death cult.

    • They are not shy about it.

      • Petey

        They see what is happening in the West and have absolutely no intention of letting it happen on their watch. And they’re very good at this sort of thing. Ruthless.

  • Morticiaa

    Bravo to China
    Having spent time in this cesspool area of China
    The only area of China I hated
    The rest of that magnificent country
    Is and will be somewhere I may
    Want to live if we keep bringing in more
    Scummy muslim extremists at the rate
    We are going, we will be overrun soon
    Every day I count more and more of the
    Costumes and that’s only the extremist women
    Who dress in primative garb
    All I can say is the Chinese know how to deal
    With these disgusting backward hideous Islamic
    bravo China
    Bravo bravo

  • tom_billesley

    “Rights groups have labelled the crackdown discriminatory, ..”
    Pray tell, of what use is an indiscrimate crackdown?

  • Morticiaa

    Oh yah and while I’m at it fuck off to miss world China
    Whose role is not to get into political bullshit
    Trying to use her role to manipulate tHe public
    Impressions of what is going on in
    China as they continue to develop
    And whose human rightS abuses make them
    Look like angels compared to so many other vile countries
    Fal engong what a joke, they are like crackpots who con
    People onto paying all sorts of money many who loose
    Everything… They have a a reputation worse thanscientology
    Or con men in North America who steal from seniors
    Why does the news media try to program the thought
    Of Canaiians with their nonsense called news