Australia: Homegrown terror ‘to get worse’

Homegrown terrorism problems in Australia will get worse, Victoria Police’s new chief commissioner Graham Ashton has warned.

Mr Ashton, who was ­announced yesterday as the ­replacement for Ken Lay, said intelligence to which he had access in his current role with the Australian Federal Police framed his pessimistic stance on terrorism.

“Those issues aren’t going to go away; in fact they are probably only going to worsen as a challenge for the community to meet,” he said.

“But it is one that we have to work collaboratively on with the community.

“I am aware of all the intelligence that’s around on this, particularly in my current role.

“I am up to speed on that information and that tells me that the current conflict, the amount of people involved in it, the way that young people are attracted to the movement — the (Islamic State) movement particularly — are ­situations that are worsening around the world and they are worsening here.