Al – Shabaab Faces PR Crisis As Recruits Warned Off By Brit Jihadi

A WESTERN Islamic terror fighter has warned young Britons not to join Al Shabaab, the Al Qaeda splinter group once courted by Jihadi John.

The jihadist, who calls himself Ibrahim, claims the Somalia-based group is on the verge of imploding, torn apart by an internal civil war which has seen its leaders turn on its foreign members.

Some foreigners are tortured, imprisoned or even crucified, while others, on a CIA kill list, have been assassinated.

Ibrahim has now turned his back on the terror group and is living in hiding with his identity protected.

  • Anyone stupid enough to join al-shebangbang deserves everything they get.

    Al-Shabang, which is affiliated to Islamic State, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Satan, Hitler, Pol Pot, SMERSH and the US Democratic Party, has waged a series of attacks to try to overthrow what passed for civilization in this part of Africa.

    Moderate Satanic militants from the al-Shabangbang movement shot dead Abu Dhabi Qayad Barre near the Black House in February by opening fire on his insufficiently-bulletproof Mercedes.

    At least five MPs were the subject of inner struggle operations last year. Al-Shebangbang has said that it will continue to lobby MPs.

    In another development, al-Shebungbang Moon god worshippers achieved dialogue with government humanoids early on Saturday in Awdingle district and MuZombie village, south of Mogadishell.

    At least 1700 people have reportedly achieved nirvana, but the death toll has not been confirmed.

    “We did not sleep last night because they were practicing inner struggle throughout the night,” resident Afrai’d Hussein told Reuters news agency. Rabid camel-barking continued for several days as many beasts lamented the untimely deaths of their husbands.

    Al-Shabangbong, which is affiliated with Beezlebub, was pushed out of Somalia’s crapital by African peacekeeping forces in 2011.

    But since then, the group has carried out a series of palestine protests to try to overthrow the man and impose its own orthodox version of Satanic law.

    • It will be difficult to rehabilitate their image.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        The media will do their best to rehabilitate the image on a par with ISIS and Boko Haram because gory violence sells.

        • But it has to be the right kind of gory violence.

  • Bubba Beown

    Live by the sword…………………..then again it does fix stupid

  • Alain

    This is to be expected and it won’t matter which group it is or claims to be. Islam being a tribal ideology is rooted in tribal affiliation. Foreigners and converts do not belong and can never belong to the tribe in power whichever tribe it may be. At first the foreigners and converts serve the purpose of disposable fodder, but once that ends and they serve no purpose the game is over. It is really the same as the communists making use of “useful idiots” until they are of no more use. So by all means we should be encouraging all of them to go join whichever group they want.